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49ers Q&A: Bowman’s exit made sense; what about a Hyde trade?

Running back Carlos Hyde is in the final year of his contract.
Running back Carlos Hyde is in the final year of his contract. The Bee

ANSW: Trying to trade NaVorro Bowman made sense: The 49ers drafted his replacement in the first round, he is no longer the player he was in 2013 and he was due to earn more than any other 49er next season. A Hyde trade doesn't make nearly as much sense. Running back is not a position of strength. Other than Matt Breida, who else do the 49ers have there? He and Breida complement each other well and that's what Kyle Shanahan wants at the position -- a one-two combination. The 49ers have at least discussed extending Hyde's contract, which they wouldn't be doing if they decided to trade him. Would they do so if another team offered a third-round pick or something really tempting? Yes, probably. But that's difficult to see when Hyde is due to become a free agent in March. What team would give away draft picks to rent a running back -- one who has been injury prone, no less -- for a couple of months? What team would give up draft picks for a guy they could perhaps sign without giving up picks in March?

Altare Odisho‏ @Bite_Tonka With the emergence of Tartt, do you think the Niners will shop Reid before the deadline? If not, do you see Reid on the Niners beyond 2017?

ANSW: It's always hard to trade someone who is in the final year of his contract (See: Hyde, Carlos; Cousins, Kirk). So, the first part of your question is, no. But as you note, Reid is a free agent in March. I don't see the 49ers being the highest bidder for him then if they have someone they feel is as good or better at the position. Instinctively, I -- and probably a lot of people -- think of Reid as being the elder statesman of that group of safeties. Actually, Jimmie Ward, 26, is older than Reid by five months. Reid is older than Tartt by two months.

Os Cruz‏ @ThatOsCruz I know it's premature and probably crazy to ask but do you think Staley could be traded between now and next season?

ANSW: It's so difficult to find offensive tackles these days and the 49ers may be breaking in a rookie quarterback in the future … it just seems smart to hold onto both tackles for as long as that's possible.

Al Czervik‏ @bushwoodgc Release of Bowman after he backtracked on trade request seemed like an insecure power move by Lynchahan, don't you think?

ANSW: My read: It was a super-convenient way for the 49ers to part ways with a player who was no part of their 2018 plans. Bowsennhaus gift-wrapped the opportunity, Shanalynch accepted.

James Wiebe‏ @James_Wiebe Do you think Armstrong can be a kinda adequate replacement for Bowman? He was up and down so far with flashes

ANSW: According to Shanahan, the plan is for Reuben Foster to take over for Bowman at middle linebacker, which presumably means Ray-Ray Armstrong remains at weak-side linebacker. Armstrong did not have a strong game in Washington and seemed to give up on a few plays at the end of the game. He's been good in coverage, which you would expect from a former safety. Against the run it's been hit and miss. The long-term plan, of course, is for Foster to pair with Malcolm Smith, who is ideal at weak-side linebacker in this system.

jon_blessed‏ @jon_blessed Is Kittle our best catching TE? I was 10 ft away from him catching warm up throws from Beathard and 2 bounced right off his hands. No bueno.

ANSW: According to STATS, Kittle's four drops this season is tied for second-most in the NFL and is the worst mark of any tight end. We're about to find out whether those drops are a fluke or not. C.J. Beathard obviously is comfortable throwing in his direction considering their college background and did so seven times in two-plus quarters on Sunday. Which is to say, Kittle stands to see a lot more passes come his way in coming weeks.

Os Cruz‏ @ThatOsCruz Any word if Blair will return to practice this week?

ANSW: The earliest Blair (IR/broken hand) can play is Week 9 vs. Arizona. The earliest Tank Carradine (IR/high ankle) can play is Week 12 vs. Seattle).

Guerquin Lionel‏ @Samsdad15 How many games will they win this season and beside those pesky Browns who can really beat us for 1st overall pick?

ANSW: The Giants have a lot of injuries. I'm already looking ahead to the Senior Bowl. Who coaches for the NFC -- NY or SF?

Blake Cunningham‏ @bstone76 are the 49ers due for a win this week?

ANSW: I think you mean 'overdue.' That's the catch about the 2017 49ers. If you look at the rest of the schedule, there's perhaps one game -- at Philly in 12 days -- where it's hard to see them winning. The rest are plausible.

Gera Martz‏ @Gera_Martz Considering what Washington tolds last week, chances of getting Cousins next year are lower than ever? It's better another rookie, Darnold?

ANSW: Si. Barring a Cousins/Washington collapse in the second half of the season, it's difficult to see Washington letting him loose on the open market. As for Darnold, it would be nice to see him settle down this season before declaring him the top quarterback/player in the draft. There's still a kid-learning-to-ice-skate-will-he-keep-his-balance? element nearly every time Darnold goes back to pass.

Jason McCord‏ @jasondmccord Despite the injuries, the 49ers defense largely seemed to step it up when C.J. came in Sunday. What's your take on that?

ANSW: Agreed. It wasn't only the offense that got a boost. Some of that may be attributed to Washington falling asleep a bit after getting out to a 17-point lead. But I'm sure coaches were happy to see Jimmie Ward, Jaquiski Tartt and Solomon Thomas step up after off days in Indianapolis.

Chris Biderman‏Verified account @ChrisBiderman favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor?

ANSW: Congrats. Doug says he’ll be by between 1 and 6 a.m. Says to leave door unlocked.

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