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49ers mailbag: Thoughts on WR Donte Moncrief (and other very specific offseason questions)?

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Donte Moncrief (10) catches a pass in front of Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback A.J. Bouye during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017, in Jacksonville, Fla.
Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Donte Moncrief (10) catches a pass in front of Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback A.J. Bouye during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017, in Jacksonville, Fla. AP

Tyler Withrow‏ @SpokaneNiner25 I believe Donte Moncrief would be a huge addition to the receiving core. Of the receivers believed to be available...who do you believe would be the perfect addition?

ANSW: I like your Moncrief idea (though you tend to overuse the word ‘believe’). He's big, fast, young and had a very solid season -- 733 yards, six touchdowns -- in 2015, the last season in which Andrew Luck was healthy. Moncrief's stats have been ho hum since. But as Marquise Goodwin showed in free agency last year, a receiver doesn't necessarily have to have flashy stats to catch Kyle Shanahan's eye. … I'm a sucker for Clemson receivers. So Sammy Watkins would be my pick, though I'm not sure the Rams will let him get away.

Tankdawg971‏ @Jamal_M_Smith Matt love your work. Do you see Jimmy as being a type of person that can handle all this pressure being put on him. In the beginning the team was dang near winless now some have picked to go to the playoffs. A lot of pressure.

ANSW: Thanks, Jamal! So nice of you to say that. That seems to be one of Jimmy Garoppolo's best traits -- his unflappability (That's a word, right?). Remember, when he started those two games for New England in 2016, he had the expectations of a Super Bowl contender on his shoulders. His duty was to make sure the Patriots didn't stumble in Tom Brady's absence and he did just that (before getting hurt that season). He seems to have a little Joe Montana-esque cool about him. That being said, he really has yet to face true adversity -- a losing skid, a game in which he's roughed up, a heavy turnover game -- so we don't know how well he'd bounce back. All indications, though, are that he won't wilt under pressure.

Michael Ingram‏ @MikeSpeedIngram Could you see John Lynch moving to VP or President of FO and promote Adam Peters to GM? Peters potentially could be a hot GM candidate and he has a good eye for football talent.

ANSW: Hmm, that's a cogent thought. Lynch would be ideal as a team president. But without ever having this conversation with him, my sense is that he wants to give the GM thing a shot for the near future and that being a team president might be a later-in-life possibility. Fans may have to live with the idea of Peters being snapped up in the coming years.

Jeffrey Walizer Jr‏ @JWalizerJr Matt, love your work. How aggressive do you think the #49ers will be in Free agency?

ANSW: Thanks, Jeff! Nice to hear. On a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the most aggressive, I think they will be a 7.1.

Old Krusty Bread‏ @oldkrustybread Love your work! List (in your opinion) the 49ers position priorities in the draft & Free Agency. Thanks. #49ers

ANSW: Thanks, Old Krusty! So sweet of you to say that. I think in terms outside free agents, the priorities will be pass rusher, cornerback and interior offensive line. In the draft, I think they'll try to hit cornerback and running back and would love to grab a left tackle for the future, too.

Eric‏ @ericsd82 Mat, luv ur twerk. If available, should/would #49ers draft Rashaad Penny as high as 2nd round?

ANSW: Thanks, Eric. I've been working on my twerk game all offseason. Stay tuned to my YouTube channel for more on this topic. … I don't think the second round is too high for someone who ostensibly would be your main running back. Especially when you consider how low the 49ers' second-round pick is. (From the Saints). The question then would become: Is Penny better than Alvin Kamara, the runner the Saints picked up in last year's draft-day trade with San Francisco?

Johnny Zak‏ @johnnyz924 Matt, love your work. What if? Cousins not franchised and fo can't sign Jimmy G long term? Trade Jimmy to Browns for 1and 4 in 1st rd and sign Cousins?

ANSW: Thanks, Johnny. I love your work, too. Under that scenario, the 49ers could wind up with Bradley Chubb, Minkah Fitzpatrick and Kirk Cousins. (Or Chubb, Quenton Nelson and Cousins; whatever floats your boat). But how much cheaper/easier to sign do you think Cousins will be compared to Garoppolo? My guess is that both will end up around the same price and that Garoppolo's agent, Don Yee, will wait until a deal is complete with Cousins -- wherever that may be -- before he commits to one with Garoppolo.

Coach DeSimone‏ @CoachJall Who are your early favorites for draft crush? Would it be possible to list your previous nominees so we can chastise you?

ANSW: I won't reveal anything related to DC18 until we got a lot closer to the draft. Here is my list of draft crushes. Before you crush me -- see what I did there? -- remember that in the dangerous game of Draft Crush, you go for someone who realistically could be taken at the 49ers' draft spot. Which is to say, Jadeveon Clowney was not an option in 2014 when SF was picking at No. 30, etc.

2017: DL Solomon Thomas

2016: LB Myles Jack

2015: WR DeVante Parker

2014: WR Cody Latimer

2013: DL Tank Carradine.

2012: TE Coby Fleener

2011: OLB Von Miller

2010: RB C.J. Spiller

2009: WR Percy Harvin

2008: G/T Carl Nicks

Tyler Withrow‏ @SpokaneNiner25 your work! John Lynch puts you in charge of the first round of the draft...who do you take and why?

ANSW: You still want me after reading the list above? Also, would I get my own bathroom?

Michael Alexander‏ @MBA_SF Matt, love your work, do you think Carlos Hyde stays or goes in free agency?

ANSW: Yes. (Gun to head, I think he goes)

chris ilejay‏ @illejay Matt love your work! Anyways who is a better fit for our defense at linebacker if we choose to go that route in the draft? Tremaine Edwards or Roquan Smith?

ANSW: Thanks, Chris! I'm quite fond of you as well. First, I have doubts about a linebacker in the first round. The 49ers paid big money for Malcolm Smith (WILL), drafted Reuben Foster (MIKE) in the first round and don't put a huge premium on SAM. That said, Edmunds would seem to be a better fit because he could line up at all three spots whereas Smith probably is a WILL only.

nicholas frazier‏ @Frazin26 Hey Matt, love your work! I have been reading that Quenton Nelson and Will Hernandez do not really fit the zone blocking scheme. Do you think they would still be good picks in round 1 or 2, respectively? If not, what draft prospects would be good fits for C/G?

ANSW: *If* the 49ers decided that Nelson and Hernandez were not ideal for the position, there were two guys at the Senior Bowl -- Georgia's Isaiah Wynn and Virginia Tech's Wyatt Teller -- who would fit and who could be had later in the draft. I know the team met with Teller at the Senior Bowl (Note: They met with just about everyone). At center, there are several options, including Arkansas’ Frank Ragnow, Ohio State's Billy Price and Michigan's Mason Cole.

Rohith Kannan‏ @RohithKannan71 Matt, love your work, I’m a big fan. Will the 49ers splurge on offensive linemen in free agency?

ANSW: Thanks, Rohith! Splurge? My guess is that they'll sign one of their own (Kilgore?) and one other lineman in March.

J BOOK‏ @jaynovel If you had to choose one practice squad player to stay at your place with your family for 2018 due to financial reasons, who would you be excited to have as a roommate?

ANSW: Wide receiver DeAndre Carter. He wouldn't take up a lot of space or eat a lot of my food. He also is a hard worker, so he'd probably be helpful around the house. I mean, that garage isn't going to clean itself.

David‏ @dave9er Matt, love your work. Should we move Jimmy G to safety so the franchise tag will be cheaper?

ANSW: This is a stupid question. He played linebacker in high school. They should move him there. The franchise tag is a little more expensive than safety but way more realistic. (I appreciate, David, that you put a comma after my name. It's a lost art these days, David).

Jerrod Robinson‏ @bathebay It’s only right to root for the Patriots on Sunday as a thank you note, right?

ANSW: My litmus test for rooting is: Which fan base is less obnoxious? Then again, I also like Chris Long.

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