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Miner alteration: 49ers unveil alternative uniform

The 49ers will wear alternative uniforms for as many as two games this season
The 49ers will wear alternative uniforms for as many as two games this season 49ers

SANTA CLARA -- The 49ers on Thursday unveiled the first “alternate” uniform in franchise history -- all-black threads with red numerals. The new jerseys resemble what Colin Kaepernick and the rst of the quarterbacks wear at practice. The 49ers can wear them up to two times in the upcoming season, per league rules.

“I love the jerseys. I think it’s a fresh look,” Kaepernick said in a statement. “This is the first time we’ve had a black jersey in our team’s history and it’s something that the fans are going to be excited about. It’s cool that we get to wear the first alternate uniform in 49ers history.”

According to a the 49ers, the team’s original color scheme was red and white, with silver being a prominent color. Gold and black were both added to the color palette in the 1950s. Black primarily has served as the team’s accent color, except on the practice field. During practice in recent years, 49ers quarterbacks have been wearing black jerseys with red numbers

“After our QBs started wearing black practice jerseys, a number of players told us they’d like to see black jerseys for the entire team,” team COO Al Guido said in a statement. “Black has been a primary 49ers accent color for a long time and part of our brand identity since the beginning, so we feel like we’ve honored the team’s history and heritage while creating a modern look that our players and fans will enjoy wearing.”

The last time the 49ers changed their uniform was prior to the 2009 season. That’s when they returned to the red color used in the 1980s as well as a gray facemask. Many NFL teams wear alternate jerseys during the season, some of which hearken to previous eras. The 49ers’ alternate versions are more futuristic.

Coach Jim Tomsula smiled when asked about the new uniforms. All-white duds, he said, would have made the players look like marshmallows. With that in mind, black was a good choice, he said.

"I told the o-line and the d-line, 'You'll look thin,’” Tomsula said.

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