San Francisco 49ers

'Vengeful' Richard Sherman on why he chose 49ers

Richard Sherman concedes that the opportunity to play the Seattle Seahawks twice a year played a large role in him signing with the 49ers.

"I'm vengeful in that way," the veteran cornerback told Peter King in a lead MMQB item in which the details of the Saturday negotiation between player and team are revealed.

“I love the fan base to death, and I loved playing there," Sherman said. "It was such a great opportunity. I helped the organization get to a great place and stay there. But now it’s like I abandoned them. People are out there burning my jersey. Come on. I'm not the one who let me go. They let me go. I didn’t abandon anybody.”

The story discusses Sherman's highly incentivized three-year deal, which Sherman negotiated himself and which has been criticized as too team friendly. One of the points made, however, is that three of the other teams most interested in Sherman -- the Seahawks, Raiders and Lions -- either couldn't handle the incentive package or did not have the salary-cap room to match what the 49ers offered.