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49ers mailbag: How has Jimmy G looked? What's the swagger level like?

Dominic Aragon‏ @Bearded49ersFan How has Garoppolo looked in contrast to the QBs the 49ers have had over the past few years?

ANSW: He's looked OK in the two practices reporters have watched. I can't remember a quarterback ever looking sensational in spring practices when they're throwing to an array of receivers and often learning new plays. Jimmy Garoppolo looked great in seven-on-seven drills in the red zone yesterday, showing his quick release and nice touch on some corner-of-end zone throws. Of course, any quarterback *should* excel there since there's zero pass rush. His deep balls have, quite frankly, been a bit ugly (I know; that's not a word often associated with Jimmy G) with even his completions being a smidge underthrown. It might turn out that Garoppolo, with his excellent improvisational skills and gunslinger style, is a better game-day quarterback than practice passer. I don't think anyone would mind if that bears out.

Jerrod Robinson‏ @bathebay I know it’s early, but does it feel like the defense will have a different swagger with Sherman?

ANSW: Yes, it does. The combination of Richard Sherman plus nearly every notable player going into Year 2 of the system ought to significantly increase the swag factor. Even someone like Ahkello Witherspoon, who last year at this time was a babe in the woods, exudes confidence right now. I think Sherman already has been good for the defense in general and Witherspoon in particular.

Mike Sullivan‏ @msully17 How do the DB’s look? Any surprises?

ANSW: They all look the same. With one exception (rhymes with Gimmie Lord), they are all doppelgangers of Richard Sherman — very tall with long arms and long legs. It's like Robert Saleh and Jeff Hafley built a cloning device in the team basement. The team liked Greg Mabin last year. He, Tarvarius Moore and Tarvarus McFadden (I call them the Tarvarii; it's a hilarious Latin joke) might be the ones to watch.

Daniel Leal‏ @lealaragao How is Tarvarious Moore doing on CB drills? is he noticeable fast?

ANSW: Arrow up on Moore. He is noticeably fast and he's noticeably big. I'm not sure how much we can/should expect from him in Year 1 of his transition, but his early steps have been solid.

Cody Bitz‏ @CBitz15 I’ve read that Bourne is catching passes from Jimmy, does that mean he’s working with the 1st team O or is everyone being rotated?

ANSW: The receivers rotate more heavily than any other group. Garoppolo was throwing to everyone on Wednesday, including Aaron Burbridge and Victor Bolden Jr. That's not to say Kendrick Bourne didn't stand out. He did. But he also did at times last year in training camp. The trick for him is to do so on a consistent basis.

Aaron‏ @Tnniner When Saleh said “who knows there might be a star in the bunch. I have a feeling there might be” when talking about edge rushers, was he just being his usual positive self, or does he actually think someone has that potential? I just can’t see it.

ANSW: I don't know whether Robert Saleh had anyone in mind when he spoke about his pass rushers on Wednesday. It's clear from talking to Chris Kiffin that the 49ers will build their pass rush around DeForest Buckner. A way-too-basic way of looking at it is that the two edge rushers (which very well may end up being Cassius Marsh and Jeremiah Attaochu) will be charged with beating opponents to the outside so that the quarterbacks steps into the jaws the rush coming from Buckner and Solomon Thomas. As Kiffin noted, that principle worked well on the 1990s-era Buccaneers teams that had no stars at defensive end but had very good tackles.

Benson Collins‏ @Benson_Collins_Is the report that Solomon is 20lbs lighter true or is that just a mistake?

ANSW: Solomon Thomas was listed at 256 pounds last year — the 49ers often grab a player's weight from his college bio — but said at the end of the season he was around 275 and didn't think he would alter his weight. As far as the eyeball test, he doesn't seem different than a year ago. We'll have to ask him. It would have been inappropriate yesterday when he was talking about the loss of his sister.

Doug Clancy‏ @DougClancy1 I hope they are having fun their IN SAN FRAN. Collect their millions. Dont work hard, just fun. PARIOTS ON THE OTHER HAND WILL BE IN SUPERBOWL AGAIN LIBERAL JUST DONT WANT TO WORK!

ANSW: I see bad punctuation, poor spelling and all caps, but I don't see a question here, Doug. #sad #andrandom

Donald Burkett‏ @Buckadero What do you know about this Leeds FC?

ANSW: My sources tell me it's in England.

Ninguém #WeBelieve2‏ @fugindodosvet Any progress on JG footwork for deep passes?

ANSW: It's painfully obvious to me that the fifth step of his seven step drop needs to be a quarter of an inch more counterclockwise and that he needs to double-knot the laces on his right cleat. It will help with his balance.

Kevin‏ @shortywest87 When you get critics on Twitter, do you ever wonder if they’re just Maiocco burner accounts? By the way, it’s TUESDAY, dummy!

ANSW: Now that you mention it, it *is* curious that my biggest critics seem to be @MM4EVA, @PsychoGaelsFan and @MattMburneraccount69

Margaret Clegg‏ @mclegg11 Tuersday? A Tuesday/Thursday hybrid?

ANSW: Gold star for Margaret. Dunce cap for Kevin.

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