San Francisco 49ers

49ers wild-card predictions: Who do you like?


MATTHEW BARROWS, 49ers beat writer

• 49ers 23, Packers 17: The 49ers are more reminiscent of a black-and-blue division team than the Packers and should be able to run the ball better than their NFC North counterparts. This will do two things – put points on the board and keep the ball out of Aaron Rodgers’ hands.

AILENE VOISIN, columnist

• 49ers 27, Packers 21: Aaron Rodgers’ recent heroics (and his overall brilliance) notwithstanding, the 49ers are balanced offensively, and their defense is far superior to the Packers.

Tom Couzens, sports editor

• 49ers 38, Packers 35: Sure, the temperatures will be brutal, but it should be a dry brutal. More important, can the 49ers stop Aaron Rodgers (after all, they allowed Carson Palmer to pass for more than 400 yards)?

Victor Contreras, deputy sports editor

• 49ers 28, Packers 17: All the talk before the game will be about Green Bay’s frigid weather. By game’s end, the discussion will be how Frank Gore and Colin Kaepernick ran through the Packers’ defense like Swiss cheese.

Matt Kawahara, reporter

• 49ers 28, Packers 20: The Packers’ defense hasn’t figured out Colin Kaepernick in two previous meetings, and the third time won’t be the charm, even with frigid conditions slowing both offenses.


Jeffrey Maillet, Packers Plus editor

49ers 28, Packers 24: Green Bay’s offense can score plenty of points, but its dreadful defense, which allowed 5 yards per rush and 15 yards a completion to the Chicago Bears, will struggle again trying to stop the 49ers’ high-powered offense.

Michael Hunt, columnist

• Packers 27, 49ers 24: With Aaron Rodgers’ return, the Packers just might be the hottest team entering the playoffs. That and the extreme weather at Lambeau should work to their favor.

Tyler Dunne, Reporter

• 49ers 31, Packers 24: It’s going to be frigid, dangerously cold in Green Bay. Good move by Jim Harbaugh bringing his team out here a day early. He also has the team more equipped to handle the elements.

Rob Reischel, Reporter

• 49ers 30, Packers 24: Yes, the NFL has become a game mostly about offense. But the great teams still have terrific defenses. The 49ers have exactly that and will end Green Bay’s season for a second straight year.

Tom Silverstein, Reporter

• 49ers 28, Packers 24: The Packers have the offense to put up a lot of points, but in these conditions, as the Packers found out six years ago in the NFC Championship Game against the New York Giants, the tougher, hardest-hitting team wins. That’s the 49ers.

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