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49ers notes: Unlike TV ad, 49ers will have trouble blocking out noise

When it comes to Colin Kaepernick’s Beats by Dre commercial, art imitates life. At least according to 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh.

“I love it. I absolutely love it,” Harbaugh said of the ad in which Kaepernick escapes the taunts of opposing fans by slipping on a pair of black headphones.

The fans in the ad are particularly rabid, they live in a rainy city and they wear colors similar to those of the Seattle Seahawks. When it was released last month, Seahawks fans complained about the near-feral manner in which they were depicted.

Is the portrayal accurate?

“It’s somewhat like that,” Harbaugh said of arriving at an opponent’s stadium. “Yeah, definitely. Riding in and the fans are all out there. Sometimes they’re the way that they are in the video.”

The 49ers, of course, won’t have the luxury of noise-canceling headphones Sunday at CenturyLink Field. To prepare for the din there, the 49ers cranked up the music at their Friday practice to higher volumes than they would for a typical road game and played it for longer durations. The offensive linemen, who must get used to snapping the play off of silent counts, wore earplugs.

The 49ers also altered their travel routine. They flew to Seattle on Friday afternoon, a day earlier than they normally would for a West Coast trip. Harbaugh said a contingent of players came to him and suggested the change. After all, the 49ers had Friday departures for their road wins against Green Bay and Carolina, and there’s a sense that the team is in a nice groove.

“Being together,” Harbaugh said of the benefit of an early departure. “Being together an extra day, and I think the majority of our road trips have been like that. Really the only games we don’t do that is Seattle and Arizona. It’s a departure in one way and in another it’s the same as what we do.”

Kaepernick said it didn’t matter when the team traveled.

“I think we’ve been close this whole season,” he said. “We’ve been through a lot together, we’ve fought through a lot together. This is another obstacle for us to get to where we want to be.”

And as for the Seattle fans? Does he have the same interaction with them that he does in his commercial?

Said Kaepernick: “We pull in through the back, so we don’t really see too much.”

Rogers “feeling good” – Cornerback Carlos Rogers, listed as questionable on the team’s injury report, said he took all of the nickel cornerback repetitions during Friday’s practice and expects to be in that role on Sunday.

Rogers had missed the last two games with a hamstring strain. Perrish Cox has filled in at the nickel spot.

“I’ve been sprinting, making sharp cuts, a lot of cuts I didn’t think I was going to make. And I’ve been making them with no problem,” Rogers said. “I’m feeling good.”

He and fullback Will Tukuafu (knee) practiced on a limited basis during the week. Tukuafu also is questionable.

Et cetera – The NFL fined Anquan Boldin and Frank Gore $7,875 each for infractions in the win at Carolina. Boldin was fined for head butting safety Mike Mitchell, though he was not called for a penalty. Gore’s fine was for a face-mask penalty.

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