San Francisco 49ers

49ers, Ravens to face each other five times this summer

Jim and John Harbaugh may live on opposite sides of the country, but the brothers will be seeing an awful lot of each other this summer.

Jim Harbaugh today said the 49ers will hold four – count 'em, FOUR! – joint practices with the Ravens in Maryland following the teams' Thursday, Aug. 7 preseason opener in Baltimore. The next day, Harbaugh said, there will be a joint practice at M&T Bank Stadium.

For the next three days, the teams will practice together at the Ravens' training camp site in Owings Mills, Md., which is about 15 miles northwest of Baltimore. I asked a couple of the old timers who cover the 49ers – Matt Maiocco and especially Kevin Lynch – whether they could recall the team scrimmaging another squad for four days.

Neither could (though their memories have become a tad frail). The most recent scrimmages with the Raiders in Napa have been day-and-half sessions.