San Francisco 49ers

Grass update: 49ers rip up field used in Sunday’s game

SANTA CLARA -- As expected, the 49ers have ripped up the grass field they put down less than 72 hours ago and are in the process of installing a new, hopefully more permanent, playing surface.

Backhoes have been brought in, presumably to dig up and remove some of the sand that had served as a layer below the grass. It was the composition of soil and sand that was suspected to have been the problem with the original field, which was torn up on Thursday. After conferring with experts, the 49ers concluded that there was too much sand in the mix, which didn’t allow the grass to take root like it should have.

That grass was coming up in chunks during a practice last week and it wasn’t repairing itself as advertised. The 49ers put in a thicker sod in advance of the Chargers game, but it never was viewed as a permanent solution.

The team wanted new grass installed throughout the area of the field -- from one row of seats to the other -- in time for the Sept. 6 soccer match between Mexico and Chile. That will serve as a test run of sorts for the 49ers’ Sept. 14 home opener against the Bears.

The 49ers are seeking the new sod somewhere in the Santa Barbara area.