San Francisco 49ers

Crabtree eager for 'star' performance in Dallas

Michael Crabtree said the calf injury that kept him out of Wednesday’s practice was minor and that he’d practice today and play Sunday in Dallas. After all, he’s been eager to show off in his home town since entering the league in 2009.

“Anybody’s got to be excited for that,” he said. “I can’t wait to get back home.”

Crabtree used to sell popcorn and hotdogs at Texas Stadium, and he grew up a huge fan of the home team, especially guys like Troy Aikman, Alvin Harper and Michael Irvin. Asked if he collected autographs, Crabtree said not only that but he’d bring home players’ gloves and towels as well.

“I was the only Little League player with NFL gear on,” he said.

Crabtree wasn’t working on Sept. 24, 2000, the day Terrell Owens sparked a near riot in Dallas by celebrating on that team’s sacred star at midfield. “I wasn’t there,” he said. “But I’ve been thinking about it.”

Crabtree, however, was not eager to talk about his contract. The two sides have had discussions in recent weeks, but it looks as if the 49ers receiver will start the final year of his deal without an extension. He is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent in March.

“I wish I could talk to you about the contract, but I can’t,” he said. “We really don’t need to be talking about it. There’s no contract right now.”

The 49ers played in Dallas during the 2009 preseason. Crabtree, however, never reported for training camp that year and didn’t sign his initial contract until five weeks into the regular season.

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