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Harbaugh on penalties: Not allowed to talk about that

Here’s the transcript from Jim Harbaugh’s press conference following the team’s 28-20 loss:

What happened in the second half there? Were the Bears doing things differently?

“They made some really good plays. Made some great plays. A couple interceptions that were just really good plays.”

Fifteen or 16 penalties for the Niners, is that a major problem? It was today, I guess.

“[Nods head].”

What would you attribute that to?

“Don’t know exactly.”

What was the explanation given for the penalty on QB Colin Kaepernick? Did the official explain more what the inappropriate language was?

“No, he did not.”

Did you hear anything?

“I did not.”

Did you feel, after you guys got the 17-point lead, that you guys took the foot off the accelerator a little bit?

“No, didn’t feel that way.”

What happened with the delay of game on the final drive?

“That shouldn’t have been a delay of game. Just took too much time at the line of scrimmage.”

You guys had the third-and-six down there on the first drive of the third quarter, why the run play at that point?

“Which one? What yard line?”

The first drive of the third quarter. You got all the way down there and it was third-and-six--?

“Yeah, it was a run-pass option. We chose the run play.”

Two plays were sent in?


Was Colin confused at what he was seeing sometimes tonight? I think he threw three interceptions.

“I think he was seeing things good. He threw some pretty darn good balls that got intercepted. Some really well played balls that got intercepted. Tip of the cap to the defense. But the young guy made a couple great plays.”

You don’t think he was trying too hard or forcing things at all?

“We’re always trying hard.”

Does this sting even more because it’s the first regular season game in this building?

“It stings to lose. And we all have fingerprints on it.”

You’ve been around football a long time. You’ve been in this situation before. How do you get back? How do you bounce back?

“Well, we’ll look to see where we can improve and how we can be better for it. Bears made plays, especially in that second half. And we look at where the breakdowns were and where we can get better from them, how we can improve. And that’s what you do. Make darn sure it doesn’t happen again.”

How’s TE Vernon Davis?

“I don’t know. I did not talk to Vernon after the game.”

After the Kaepernick fumble, was he injured at all after that play? I didn’t really see him running too much after that play.

“He had some pretty good runs after that.”

There were a lot of penalties. Any penalties in particular that you took issue with or were the flags okay in your mind?

“Not allowed to talk about that.”

How did you feel about the performance of the right side of the offensive line?

“I think we’re all going to look at this one and feel like we have fingerprints on it. And go back and see where we can improve. How we can be better for it. Can’t really single out one particular segment at this point.”

How about the DB Jimmie Ward matchup with WR Brandon Marshall? Seemed like Marshall kind of got his number there a little bit towards the end. How do you feel you guys could have changed up that matchup or could Ward have done anything different? Or did Marshall kind of takeover at the end?

“Really, I feel like we all have fingerprints on this one, and we’ll look and see exactly what we could have done differently or how we can improve from it. And I feel like we will be able to and we’ll come back stronger for it.”

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