San Francisco 49ers

49ers report card

• Offense: With all their weaponry, Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers should have dominated the Bears. Instead, mistakes, penalties and turnovers first prevented San Francisco from putting the game away then allowed the Bears to crawl back into it. Grade: D-

• Defense: The 49ers may have allowed 118 rushing yards to Dallas’ DeMarco Murray in Week 1, but they throttled the Bears and Matt Forte. Chicago largely abandoned the run in the second half, but Jay Cutler threw touchdown passes when he needed them. Grade: B

• Special teams: Aaron Lynch broke in the 49ers’ stadium in grand fashion with an early blocked punt. Grade: B

• Overall: A sickening loss not just for the coaches and players but for 49ers officials who for years looked forward to the grand unveiling of their new stadium. Grade: D

Matt Barrows