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Tick tock: 49ers lead NFL in delay-of-game fouls ... again

The 49ers lead the league in delay-of-game penalties after four weeks, which shouldn't be a surprise. They had more than any other team last year as well.

In 2013 teams averaged 4.6 delay-of-game fouls over their 16-game seasons, according to data from the NFL. The 49ers had 11. The only other team that came close to that mark was Tampa Bay, which had nine. Three teams – the Panthers, Packers and Patriots – had one all season.

The 49ers appear to be trying to beat last year's mark. They have four through four games. Only one other team – Tampa Bay again – has as many as three. Eleven teams have yet to be hit with a penalty for delay of game.

“That’s something we have to keep addressing and stay on top of,” Jim Harbaugh said a day after his team was hit with two delay-of-game fouls. “There were a few too many times when they play clock was ticking down close to zero. We've all got to do a better job getting back into the huddle, getting the plays in quickly and early and managing the clock.”

Harbaugh implied there should have been three. He wanted Colin Kaepernick to take the penalty after failing to induce the Eagles to jump off sides on 4thand 2 in the second half. Instead Kaepernick called time out.

That left the 49ers with one time out, which Harbaugh later blew on an ill-advised coach's challenge. He's 1-3 on challenges after going 2-9 last year.

The 49ers were flagged for 10 penalties in the game. Their 46 penalties leads the league.

49ers' DoG tally

2014: 4

2013: 11

2012: 9

2011: 9

2010: 7

2009: 11

2008: 3

2007: 7

2006: 5

2005: 9

2004: 3