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49ers Q&A: Which D-linemen will make the cut?

Which 49ers defensive linemen will make the final cut? The team likely is considering trades. But the top 7 are listed below.
Which 49ers defensive linemen will make the final cut? The team likely is considering trades. But the top 7 are listed below. AP

Travis Hawkins ‏@TDHawk21 Per your article. The new sod company is only for this game correct?

Answ: Yes. Luke Bryan (he's a country singer; had to look it up) is due to play at Levi's Stadium Aug. 29. The current field, which was supplied by Arizona-based Evergreen Turf, will be pulled up soon after that's over and a new field, presumably supplied by West Coast Turf, will be put down in time for the preseason finale Sept. 4. That field *should* be the Rolls Royce of surfaces as it is expected to last a big chunk of the season. Here's the story Travis referenced.

kyle stacy ‏@KYNinerFan who are the starting DBs?

Answ: Based on this week's practice, Tramaine Brock and Keith Reaser will start at cornerback. Whether they start in Week 1 will depend on how Reaser plays. He's my No. 1 'Player to Watch" for today.

Rob Galloway ‏@galloway_rob Predict the DL who will make the cut.

Resp: Alphabetically: Armstead, Carradine, Dial, Dockett, Dorsey, Jerod-Eddie, Williams. Okoye? Purcell? I think Baalke might like to trade one of the first seven and keep the last two.

Miguel (YouGoMango) ‏@I_am_YouGoMango How close is Ellington to getting into a preseason game? With the trades, how possible now is it that V Davis gets re-signed?

Answ: Dunno about Ellington -- he's been doing some work on a side field, but I haven't seen him running, cutting yet. As for Davis -- it's a good question. I think the 49ers would like to see him deliver before cutting a new deal. And Davis might want to get to free agency to see what his worth is on the open market. Even though he insists he doesn't "worship" money, it might be the smart move.

Todd Albrigo ‏@toddalbrigo Thought Carrier was one of their better TE options? Why give away for a 5th round 2 years from now?

Answ: And he fit Paraag Marathe's paradigm for signing young, potentially productive players to modest deals. Dunno. There's a though that after losing Aldon Smith, Chris Borland, Anthony Davis, Trent Baalke did not want to lose another draft pick -- Vance McDonald -- and is counting on him to deliver. As noted above, Carrier's exit could auger an extension for Davis.

Raffi ‏@TheAFFL1 Bush is the 3rd down back, but Chryst didnt want 2 define roles. Can Hyde get lots 3rd down work too & Bush to slot like #3 WR?

Answ: If I answer that in detail, Baalke will leave me on the side of the highway like that guy in True Detective Season 2.

Marco Pedroso ‏@marcopedrosaum Will Levi's crowd finally bring more of a home-game advantage for the 49ers?

Answ: That's a question from me to you guys.

Jamie Gomes ‏@Jamie_Gomes ... and at Super Cuts, whatever you do, do not ask for the "Barrows"

Answ: Bravo! Also, you've been blocked.

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