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49ers Q&A: Why has Tank been thrown on the scrap heap?

49ers defensive lineman Tank Carradine harasses Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in a game at Levi’s Stadium in 2014.
49ers defensive lineman Tank Carradine harasses Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in a game at Levi’s Stadium in 2014. The Bee

scottz46 ‏@scottz46 When will Man-not-so-genius learn he needs tank to have a pass rush? Who covers Jimmy G?

ANSW: Scott snuck in two questions, which automatically disqualifies him from the Jefferson Starship tickets. ... This is the second straight season of 'Why isn't Tank getting more reps?' questions. The coaching staff is new(ish), which suggests the issue is with Carradine or perhaps that he is not cut out for a 3-4 defense. Remember, when he was drafted, the question was whether he would be a 265-pound OLB in the 49ers' scheme or a 299-pound DT/DE. It may be that the answer is that he's best as a 280-pound 4-3 defensive end. ... Eric Mangini seemed to suggest this week that the 49ers didn't have time to make any drastic changes to their defense as far as covering Jimmy Graham. That may be gamesmanship (coaches are notorious fibbers). But if it isn't, it means that the bulk of the work will be done by NaVorro Bowman and Michael Wilhoite, who haven't been all that good in pass coverage this year. (See: Giants vs. 49ers, 10/11/2015)

Bobby League ‏@Ninernoisemaker with continuity along the offensive line so important why the rotation of Devey and Tiller?

ANSW: The 49ers feel that the competition between Devey and Tiller is squeezing the best out of both and that it's lifting the line's play as a whole. Against the Giants, the two evenly split the snaps. Against the Ravens, it tilted (34 to 25) in favor of Tiller. It will be interesting to see if that balance shifts even more today or if Tiller even starts for the first time this season.

Mike ‏@RealMikeC49 Did Trent Brown get any reps with the 1st team Offense at Right Tackle with Pears Questionable?

ANSW: Thursday games make for odd weeks of practice in that the coaches, hoping the players rebound quickly from Sunday's game, don't put them through full sessions. That is, it's hard to gauge how injured a player is when he only is taking part in glorified walk-throughs. To directly answer your question, I don't know the extent of Pears' back injury. He seemed to be moving around ok in the brief glimpses I got. But it's safe to assume that Brown stands the best chance of getting into the game today than he has all season.

John Joe Kerley ‏@JohnJKerley With 49ers receivers failing to beat Sea press coverage in the past does Geep need Miller and VD to be the X-factors tonight?

ANSW: Davis is my sneaky pick for having a good game. I figure that if Earl Thomas is concentrating on Torrey Smith it could give Davis more wiggle room. (Or vice versa).

Ron Parlante ‏@Mitas73 Any chance Jerome Simpson activated today?

ANSW: No, that had to be done Wednesday if it was going to happen before the game. If Simpson is activated it's likely to be on Monday.

A_Rod ‏@AZTEC_SJSU Who is on the roster bubble now that J. Simpson &D. Smelter are looking to come aboard?

ANSW: I don't think Smelter will be activated any time soon if at all this year. (That may hinge on the overall health of the 49ers' WR corps). My guess is that the team will make room for Simpson by cutting DeAndrew White with the intention of re-signing him to the practice squad.

D.A. ‏@DAdeshiyan What do we make of Kap & his up & down performances? Should we look at Goff as Kap's replacement or fortify the OLine in draft?

ANSW: Ah, the question that promises to dominate the offseason. The 49ers certainly will have to make a decision and will base it largely off of what he does over the next 10 games. I personally like Goff but have been intrigued of late by Memphis QB Paxton Lynch. Has great feet for someone who stands 6-7.

El Lobo ‏@SFGLobo who sang "Jane" - Grace or Mickey - and why was it chosen as theme to a really bad Netflix comedy?

ANSW: Mickey. Grace sang “Runaway.” I’m willing to go out on a limb and state that the name “Jane” has appeared in more awesome songs than any other female names. “Sarah” probably is second. “Melissa” is best single song containing a woman’s name.

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