San Francisco 49ers

Jonathan Samaritan: 49ers’ tackle ‘takes out’ shoplifter

Maybe Jonathan Martin should change his name to Jonathan Samaritan.

The 49ers’ offensive tackle was in a Los Angeles area mall Thursday afternoon when he noticed a shoplifting in progress in a nearby store. Martin, who started nine games for the 49ers in 2014, told that the security guard at the Versace Collection was having trouble holding on to a suspect who was trying to steal purses. So Martin intervened.

It was a little more involved than that. Martin later told Yahoo he punched the suspect five to eight times until he went down. Another suspect escaped.

“It took maybe 30 seconds,” said Martin, who is from Southern California. “It all happened so fast you don’t really think about it. You just sort of react.”

Martin was at the center of a bullying scandal with the Dolphins, the team that drafted him out of Stanford in 2012, and the 49ers traded for him during the offseason. The team’s starter at right tackle, Anthony Davis, dealt with an array of injuries during the season, which made Martin the de facto starter on the right side.

Pro Football Focus gave him a -10.9 rating for the season and rated him 60th out of 84 tackles.

Martin is signed through the 2015 season.

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