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Jim Harbaugh hits Super Bowl radio row to talk ... toothpaste?

Jim Harbaugh is back in the Bay Area this week to talk about saving water.
Jim Harbaugh is back in the Bay Area this week to talk about saving water. The Bee

SANTA CLARA -- If Jim Harbaugh were going to be a pitch man, you would think it be for something tough and gristly -- like beef jerky or a work boot or a brand of industrial-strength weed killer.

Instead, Harbaugh this week is teaming with … toothpaste?

It's not as strange as it sounds.

"It's about turning off the faucet every time you brush your teeth," the former 49ers coach said on ESPN's Mike & Mike radio show Friday morning. "If you let the water run while you're brushing your teeth, you're going to waste four gallons of water."

The program, called Every Drop Counts, is sponsored by Colgate. Harbaugh said it originated from his annual goodwill trips to Peru where water is a precious resource. He said all it takes to brush your teeth there is a quarter of a bottle of water.

"It would be trillions of gallons if everybody did it that way," Harbaugh said.

The current University of Michigan head coach, who recently landed one of the top recruiting classes in the nation, is making the rounds on radio row in San Francisco today.

Harbaugh went to high school in Palo Alto and spent 2007-14 as a head coach with Stanford and with the 49ers. California has been in extreme drought conditions the last four years.

"If you don't have water, you're out of luck," he said. "Having lived in California, we know about it very well here."

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