San Francisco 49ers

Back to Youngstown? 49ers will consider it during brutal travel season

The 49ers’ 2016 schedule includes games in Atlanta, Carolina, Buffalo, Miami and Chicago. General manager Trent Baalke said it wouldn’t be a surprise if there was a stopover in Youngstown, Ohio, to break up some of those long road trips.

“Coach (Chip Kelly) is real open to that, and it makes sense when you travel east coast,” Baalke said. “Obviously one of the things we have to improve on is how to win on the road. We were a different team – a remarkably different team – at home than we were on the road last year.”

Four of the 49ers’ five wins in 2015 were at Levi’s Stadium. Their only road win was in overtime against the Chicago Bears.

The 49ers stayed in Youngstown, which is in northeast Ohio and is home for the York family that owns the team, in 2011 and 2012. They swept the games before and after the 2011 visit and were 1-1 the following year.

Though the 49ers know their opponents, the schedule won’t be released until April. The 49ers traveled more than any team last year, nearly 28,000 miles.

Kelly has been intent on finding ways to create advantages whether by studying sleep patterns, hydration or other sports science techniques.

“We’ve definitely got to take a hard look at that and figure out a way to play better on the road,” Baalke said.

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