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New 49ers QB coach: I’ll take mobility over accuracy

New 49ers quarterbacks coach has said he likes mobility in his quarterback. He’s got just that in 49ers starter Colin Kaepernick.
New 49ers quarterbacks coach has said he likes mobility in his quarterback. He’s got just that in 49ers starter Colin Kaepernick. The Bee

Steve Logan likes mobile quarterbacks. The 49ers' new quarterbacks coach made that very clear earlier this month during one of his typically lively and colorful “Logan Zone” appearances on

Here's an excerpt from the 45-minute segment during which the 61-year-old Logan was reminiscing about his time as Tulsa's offensive coordinator in 1984.

“I had an option quarterback that could throw the football pretty nicely. And we didn't know how to protect the passer. We didn't know what we we doing. We were all 20 years old. We were out there playing football. And Texas Tech is blitzing and I go, 'Where did that guy come from?' But I really wasn't concerned about because a kid named Steve Gage, he just makes a guy miss, runs around throws a touchdown pass. I go, 'That's how you do it; ain't nothing to it!' … And the rest of my career, I tell you what, mobility at the quarterback position – this is the antidote to free blitzers. Because the arithmetic of football says this, 'No matter how many people you keep in to protect the passer, the defense can always bring one more.' Offense plays with 10 people, not 11. Offense plays with 10 people. I want to get that point across to my fellow coaches who I sat in room with before that don't understand this arithmetic. The offense plays with 10. The defense plays with 11. Therefore, at any given time the defense can bring one more guy than I can protect with. When that happens, what are we gonna do? We're going to have Russell Wilson or Cam Newton or Aaron Rodgers – you guys got that? – and he's gonna run around and make guys miss and we're going to score. That's it. It's a simple game.”

Later in the interview, Logan said he’d take “mobility at the sacrifice of accuracy.” In addition to Gage, who was converted into a defensive back in the NFL, Logan has coached Jeff Blake and David Garrard at East Carolina, Matt Ryan at Boston College and spent some time with Josh Freeman with the Buccaneers.

Logan's new quarterback, of course, is known for his mobility. Colin Kaepernick's 90-yard touchdown run in Week 16 tied for the second-longest run by any player in 2014 and he finished second to Wilson in total rushing yards by a quarterback. "He's my kind of guy -- mobile, accurate and smart,” Logan said today to WRAL-TV, which has employed Logan in recent years.

Kaepernick's skill at dodging blitzers, however, is debatable. He was sacked 52 times this past season, which was a franchise record for a 49ers quarterback. Only Jacksonville's Blake Bortles (55) was sacked more.

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