San Francisco 49ers

Update: Where things stand with 49ers coaching staff

Officially speaking, the 49ers have exactly one coach -- Jim Tomsula. In reality, a number of the hires have been made and some of them have been working out of team headquarters in recent weeks. The 49ers expected to make an official announcement announcing Tomsula’s staff next week.

Until then, here’s where things stand.

Offensive coordinator: Geep Chryst. A positive from this hire: There promises to be at least some continuity as far as the language the offensive players use and the plays they learn. Chryst likely will take advantage of Colin Kaepernick’s running skills more than last season and will return to the team’s pre-2014 philosophy of using the read-option. Chyst also will concentrate on getting his players to the line of scrimmage more quickly than in years past when delay-of-game fouls and last-second timeouts gummed the offense.

Quarterbacks: Steve Logan. He’s been out of coaching for the past three years. However, he built a reputation over his career for squeezing maximum production out of quarterbacks and had success with passers -- like Kaepernick -- who can make plays with their feet. Logan likes mobile quarterbacks, and there will be several -- Blaine Gabbert, Josh Johnson, Jake Locker, Terrelle Pryor -- on the market in March. Another, Josh Freeman, is available now. Logan worked with Freeman in Tampa Bay and has spoken highly of him since.

Offensive line: Chris Foerster. Foerster is adept at coaching stretch-running schemes, something Washington successfully employed when he was the offensive line coach there

Ass't offensive line: Eric Wolford.

Tight ends: Tony Sparano. He’s expected to be involved with the offensive game plan during the week.

Wide receivers: Unknown. The only name associated with this spot is Ronald Curry, who served as an offensive assistant in recent years. If Curry remains, he’s expected to work with receivers in some capacity. reported that the University of Florida also is interested in him.

Running backs: Tom Rathman.

Defensive coordinator: Eric Mangini. The question is whether Mangini will run the scheme-heavy defenses he learned under Bill Belichick or a simpler version preferred by his predecessor, Vic Fangio. With Tomsula giving input, it likely will be somewhere in the middle.

Defensive line: The 49ers have discussed long-time college coach Scott Brown for this position. Brown has served under general manager Trent Baalke as a regional scout for three years. Prior to that, he was a defensive line coach with Arizona State, Colorado State and Duke among others.

Linebackers: Jason Tarver. It’s not known whether Tarver will coach both outside and inside linebackers, who have very different job descriptions, or whether the team will make an additional hire at this spot.

Secondary: Unknown. Tomsula interviewed Perry Fewell for this spot, but he chose to take the same job in Washington.

Special teams coordinator: Thomas McGaughey. It’s not known whether McGaughey would bring Louie Aguiar, his assistant with the Jets, to Santa Clara.

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