U.S. men win gold in Olympic curling, but 'The Simpsons' did it first

The U.S. Olympic men's curling team capped an improbable run with Saturday's 10-7 victory over Sweden for the gold medal in Pyeongchang. It was a stunning upset, but it was actually predicted at the start of the decade — kind of — by a cartoon.

Marge and Homer of "The Simpsons" took gold in mixed curling, also topping Sweden, in a 2010 episode, as pointed out by British tabloid The Daily Mirror. That episode coincided with the previous Winter Olympics, in Canada.

The coincidence by itself is not all that remarkable, but the Simpsons seem to have a way of foreshadowing the future quite often, in one way or another.

The "Simpsons Already Did It" phenomenon, first popularized by a 2002 episode of Comedy Central cartoon "South Park" with the same title, states that "The Simpsons" has already depicted pretty much everything there is to depict.

As as a result, there's always a bit of a humorous reaction when oddly specific and/or far-fetched fictional happenings from the cartoon start to show themselves in the real world. Some recent examples: Disney's purchase of 21st Century Fox assets, the Facebook game "FarmVille" and the Donald Trump presidency.

The most logical explanation for the Simpsons' clairvoyance? Well, the show is in its 29th season and has aired more than 600 episodes. The sheer volume of the show means the writers are bound to strike lightning.

Unless you count Marge and Homer, the U.S. men's victory this weekend marked the nation's first-ever Olympic gold medal in the sport.