Getting ready for Eppie's: Week 9

Want to compete in Eppie's Great Race on July 19 but don't know how to approach it? We continue today with the ninth week of training.

To see the entire schedule: www.sacbee.com/eppies.

Don't try all three – you'll risk overtraining and injury.

– Sam McManis

Running: Week 9

Day 1: Rest

Day 2: Three miles

Day 3: Cross train or rest

Day 4: Three miles

Day 5: Cross train or rest

Day 6: Three miles

Day 7: Five miles

– Dusty Robinson is marketing manager for Fleet Feet Sacramento and a former running coach.

Cycling: Week 9

Day 1: Rest

Day 2: Ride casual 15 miles

Day 3: Ride strong 25 miles, start eight one-minute intervals, fully recovering before the next one

Day 4: Ride a stronger 20-25 miles

Day 5: Ride casual 30 miles

Day 6: Ride strong 35 miles

Day 7: Ride 40 miles

Note: "Casual" rides mean not holding to a tempo; "easy" is 17 mph; "strong" tests your aerobic capacity.

– Christopher Davis-Murai is owner of the Bicycle Chef on J Street in Sacramento and is part of a racing team.

Kayaking: Week 9

Day 1: Location: Lake. 10 minutes paddle at half power followed by 30 minutes at three-quarters power followed by 10 minutes at half power.

Day 2: Rest or cross train.

Day 3: Location: Lake. 40 to 60 minutes paddle at half to three-quarters power.

Day 4: Rest or cross train.

Day 5: Location: River. 10 minutes upstream paddle followed by 45 minutes downstream paddle.

Day 6: Attend Eppie's pre-race clinic for strategy ($20; information at www.currentadventures.com).

Day 7: Attend Eppie's strategy clinic ($20; information at www.currentadventures.com).

– Dan Crandall is a surf kayak champion and owner of kayak businesses in Lotus.