Getting ready for Eppie's: Week 4

Want to compete in Eppie's Great Race on July 19 but don't know how to approach it? We continue today with the fourth training week. To see the entire schedule: www.sacbee.com/eppies. Do not try to do all three programs – you'll risk overtraining and injury. – Sam McManis

Running: Week 4

Day 1: Rest

Day 2: Tempo: 1 mile warm-up, 1 mile tempo, 1 mile cool-down

Day 3: Cross-train or rest

Day 4: 4 miles

Day 5: Cross-train or rest

Day 6: 3 miles

Day 7: 6 miles

Note: Tempo runs mean comfortably hard running; steady pace throughout the workout. Recovery times are short or don't exist at all in order to sustain exposure to a comfortably hard effort.

– Dusty Robinson, marketing manager for Fleet Feet Sacramento, is a former running coach.

Cycling: Week 4

Day 1: Rest

Day 2: Ride casual 20 miles

Day 3: Ride strong 25 miles

Day 4: Ride intense 15 miles

Day 5: Ride casual 25 miles

Day 6: Ride easy 15 miles

Day 7: Ride 30 miles

Note: Casual rides mean not being held to a set tempo; easy rides translate to 17 mph; strong rides test your aerobic capacity.

– Christopher Davis-Murai is owner of The Bicycle Chef on J Street in Sacramento and part of a racing team.

Kayaking: Week 4

Day 1: Location: River (Watt-Paradise section) for beginners; river (Sunrise or Sailor Bar to Rossmoor) for intermediates. 30-minute paddle at half power; 10-minute paddle at three-quarters power for beginners or 20 minutes for intermediate.

Day 2: Rest or cross train.

Day 3: Location: Lake. 45 minutes paddle at half to three-quarters power for beginners or one hour for intermediates.

Day 4: Rest or cross-train.

Day 5: River (Watt-Paradise) for beginners and river (Sunrise to Rossmoor and San Juan rapids) for intermediates. 30 minutes paddle at half-power for beginners or three-quarters power for intermediates; 10 minutes paddle at three-quarters power for beginners or upstream for intermediates; 100-yard sprint for beginners; 400-yard sprint for intermediates.

Day 6: Location: Lake or slow river (below Watt Avenue). 30 minutes paddle at half power followed by 20 minutes at three-quarters power for beginners; 10 minutes at half power followed by 20 minutes three-quarters power downstream followed by 5 minutes at half-power and 20 minutes three-quarters power upstream for intermediates. Three to six 100-yard sprints for both.

Day 7: Rest.

– Dan Crandall is a surf kayak champion and owner of two kayak businesses in Lotus.