Ailene Voisin

Voisin’s Monday Morning High Five: Durant, Sam, Niners, Raiders score


Durant great off the court, too:

Kevin’s Durant’s MVP acceptance speech was memorable because, well, pro athletes rarely are that spontaneous. He spoke from his heart, not from a script handed to him by handlers.


Fisher is class act:

St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher called it an “honor” to draft Michael Sam, the openly-gay defensive end from Missouri. Kudos to Fisher. He has always been a class act and never to be confused with the loud, profane, stereotypical football coach, remains a thoughtful, insightful member of his profession.


Great trade by 49ers:

The 49ers provided Colin Kaepernick with much-needed help at wideout. Stevie Johnson was a tremendous pick up. And won’t it be interesting to hear what Richard Sherman has to say? For all his attitude, Sherman always has something interesting to say.


Right move by Raiders:

The Raiders wanted linebacker Khalil Mack, and for a change, this wasn’t a stretch. Is it even possible that the Raiders have a good draft? They didn’t fold and draft quarterback Johnny Manziel, and with wide receiver Sammy Watkins gone they grabbed the best playmaker on the board. The team could improve and people may be forced to pay attention.


Sterling saga won’t end quickly:

As predicted, this Donald Sterling saga is not ending any time soon. Unfortunately, this is not good for the league. And anyone who thinks Shelly Sterling is “estranged” and on the outs from from her husband obviously didn’t see them chumming it up while seated at their courtside seats for Game Three of the Clippers-Warriors playoff game at Oracle Arena. Good thing the league employs several of the most experienced and accomplished attorneys in the industry. The legal fees are going to be exorbitant.

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