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Leading Off: Does Kaepernick deserve record contract from 49ers?

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• It’s been almost five months since their last game and it’s three months until the 2014 regular season, but the 49ers continue to make big news – and nothing this offseason has been bigger than the agreement they reached Wednesday with quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The deal, worth as much as $126 million, extends his contract through the 2020 season. Kaepernick has won 17 of 23 regular-season starts and four of six in the playoffs, and he led the 49ers to the Super Bowl two years ago and the NFC Championship Game the past two seasons. But does someone who has started just 29 games in the deserve a contract that guarantees him $61 million, the largest ever in the NFL?

• Reports surfaced again Wednesday about forward Kevin Love being shopped by the Minnesota Timberwolves, with the Kings a top suitor, according to one tweet. The Kings would love to have Love in purple and black, playing alongside center DeMarcus Cousins and small forward Rudy Gay, but it’s unlikely the Timberwolves would trade Love before hiring a new coach. And it also seems a long shot the Kings could put together a package of players and draft picks that could make these reports become reality.

• On Monday, it became public that former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino was one of 15 players who filed a concussion-related lawsuit against the NFL last week. On Tuesday, he withdrew his name, saying he didn’t realize he would be listed as a plaintiff. Did Marino, who would have been the biggest name to take on the NFL over concussions, come away unscathed after 17 NFL seasons – or would his involvement have jeopardized possible employment with the Dolphins or another NFL team, as has been reported?

– Tom Couzens


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