Leading Off

Leading Off: 10 pressing questions in the world of sports

• The A’s have played .500 ball since acquiring pitcher Jon Lester; wouldn’t they have loved to have had Yoenis Cespedes’ bat the past three weeks?

• Cespedes told MLB.com he’s pulling for the A’s to win the World Series; wouldn’t that goal be easier to reach if he was still batting third in their lineup?

• When the trade was made July 31, all the chatter was about how the A’s were preparing for the Tigers in the ALCS, but now don’t you wonder if either team will make it that far?

• When the World Series starts Oct. 22, will anyone be surprised if it’s the Dodgers vs. the Angels?

• While much of the talk in the American League has been about the A’s, Angels, Tigers and Royals, has anyone noticed that the Orioles have the largest division lead in baseball?

• After Tuesday’s tarp debacle at Wrigley Field, should the Cubs have fired their head groundskeeper or hired a better weather forecaster?

• Speaking of debacles, if you paid $1.3 billion for a new stadium, shouldn’t you expect the sod to last more than one game and one practice?

• Derrick Rose has played just 10 games the last two NBA seasons, so aren’t there more deserving point guards for Team USA?

• When Browns coach Mike Pettine named Brian Hoyer his starting quarterback this week, did you wonder how much Johnny Manziel’s middle finger toward the Redskins’ bench played into the decision?

• Mo’Ne Davis gave up three runs in Philadephia’s 9-1 loss to Las Vegas in the Little League World Series, but isn’t it a stretch to say she was a victim of the so-called “SI Jinx?”

– Tom Couzens


Weekend poll

In hindsight, should A’s have traded Yoenis Cespedes for Jon Lester?

• No, they need his bat.

• Yes, pitching is more important.

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Friday’s results

Who should be the 49ers’ backup quarterback ?

• McLeod Bethel-Thompson: 9%

• Blaine Gabbert: 10%

• Josh Johnson: 54%

• Other: 27%

Total votes: 262

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