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Leading off: Prep football still devoid of foolishness

There is one level of competitive football that is still generally devoid of chaos and confusion.

The high school game, be it here or across the country, offers a refreshing, far-away haven from what troubles the college and NFL landscape. The college game has increasingly become more corporate, fueled by record television contracts and the zest to one-up the other. Last Saturday included the USC coaching staff texting for backup and athletic director Pat Haden hustling down from the press box to chew on the referees.

Just one week into a new season, the NFL is up to its ear holes in trouble, heavy on domestic abuse and performance-enhancing drugs.

The prep level? Still pretty pure, never mind the never-ending issue of transfers or the widening gap between the haves and have-nots. But two weeks into this high school season have produced positive results otherwise. We have observed and fielded a lot of reports on good sportsmanship between players and coaches, and a lot of the games have gone down to the wire, too.

In doing this beat for 25 years, with a few years dedicated to the Kings and NBA, we can vouch that prep games still offer the best bargain in town: a cozy venue, dueling student body sections, a wholesome, good effort on the field – and no arrests.

Joe Davidson


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