Leading Off

Leading Off: 10 pressing questions in the world of sports

• We keep hearing the Kings talk about “changing the culture,” but wouldn’t winning more games do that?

• Kings center DeMarcus Cousins said this week that he aims to be a “defensive anchor.” Does that mean he’ll get down the court quicker?

• When you heard the Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony say he’s the “most underrated” star player in the NBA, did you also think he should have said “overrated?”

• After the Giants beat the Nationals in Friday’s National League Division Series opener, isn’t it beginning to feel a lot like 2010 and 2012?

• If you live in Sacramento and have a ticket to Monday’s Giants-Nationals game at AT&T Park, wouldn’t it be helpful if you know what time the game starts?

• Even though the A’s lost to the Royals on Tuesday in the American League wild-card game, wasn’t it one of the best games you’ve ever seen?

• Baseball playoff games are on an alphabet soup of networks (TBS, FS1, MLB) this year; don’t you miss when it was easy to find a game on your TV?

• With the the Chiefs visiting Levi’s Stadium on Sunday, isn’t it time to stop “the 49ers would be better with Alex” nonsense?

• There’s been so much chatter about Jon Gruden returning to coach the Raiders, but is his ego so big that he’d consider it?

• When a team doesn’t play very well, wouldn’t it be refreshing if the owner fired the players instead of the coach?

– Tom Couzens


What to do

College football, Montana State at Sacramento State, Hornet Stadium, 6 p.m.: This could be another Big Sky Conference shootout.

Weekend poll

Wednesday’s results

Should the Raiders bring back Jon Gruden?

• Yes, he’s the right man: 71%

• No, he’ll demand too much: 6%

• I don’t care: 21%

Total votes: 986

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