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Leading off: How many more holes will Raiders’ boss dig?

How many more holes will Raiders’ boss dig?

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• Nobody will ever confuse Tony Sparano for Tony Soprano, the fictional mob boss.

But that isn’t stopping the Raiders’ interim coach from taking a page from “The Sopranos,” the former HBO series, and “digging a hole” to bury some of his problems.

In one of his first acts as boss, Sparano gathered his team around a small hole outside one of the practice fields in Alameda. He grabbed a football representing the Raiders’ first four games of the season – all losses.

Sparano dropped the ball into the hole, shoveled in some dirt and welcomed the rest of the team to follow.

Imagine if Sparano and the Raiders dig a hole and bury a ball after every loss the rest of the season? Those beautiful green practice fields will look like they are dotted with gopher holes.

• Fans who have attended 49ers games at Levi’s Stadium say there is a friendlier “vibe” throughout the new digs in Santa Clara compared to Candlestick Park, where women clutched tightly onto their purses and men kept their heads on a swivel.

The stadium’s first public incident, caught on video and posted on YouTube over the weekend, showed two thugs in 49ers jerseys assaulting two men in a bathroom, also in home jerseys. Because of staffing and state-of-the-art surveillance, the two men were quickly caught and arrested and likely will never attend another game at Levi’s Stadium.

But it’s still a shame when a bystander would rather take video of such an assault – with others watching, too – rather than putting the cellphone away and stepping in to stop the altercation.

The 49ers have beefed up security in Santa Clara to make their fans’ experience safe. But it’s still up to the fans to step up first.

– Victor Contreras


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