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Leading Off: Baseball makes fans work to find games

Baseball makes fans work to find games

The call Thursday morning was typical of the hundreds that have come in since the baseball playoffs began.

“What’s FS1, ” the man asked, “and how do I find it?”

“Sir, that’s Fox Sports 1,” I replied.

“I’ve never heard of it; is it new?” he said.

Neither had most baseball fans before the opening game of the National League Division Series between the Giants and Washington Nationals, even though FS1 aired games during the regular season.

Three of the four Giants-Nationals games were on FS1 (the other one was on MLB, perhaps even harder to find), and so will five of the potential seven games in the NLCS that starts Saturday in St. Louis. Saturday’s game and a possible Game 6 on the following Saturday will be on the main Fox network, FOX40 in Sacramento.

Fox Sports launched FS1 last year to replace Speed, a motor sports network. Until this baseball season, FS1 aired mixed martial arts, motor sports, soccer and college football.

Baseball fans need to get used to FS1, because it’s not going away. Fox Sports’ goal is for FS1, which reaches an estimated 90 million households in the United States, to compete with ESPN.

Most important to viewers, FS1 is part of most basic cable and satellite packages.

Here’s another reminder of how to find FS1 (standard definition/high definition):

▪ Comast: 31/731

▪ AT&T U-verse: 652/1652

▪ Consolidated (SureWest): 127/627

▪ Dish Network: 150/150

▪ DirecTV: 219/219

– Tom Couzens


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Who will advance to

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▪ Giants, Orioles: 40%

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