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E-cigarette smokers in Davis may face restrictions

Davis’ e-cigarettes smokers will soon have to abide by the same regulations as the city’s conventional cigarette smokers.

The Davis City Council unanimously voted Tuesday in favor of including e-cigarettes and hookah in the ordinance that prohibits smoking in certain spaces.

The council will have a second reading of the expanded ordinance on June 10. If it is passed, the ruling will take effect in 30 days.

“I assume it will pass,” said Kelly Stachowicz, deputy city manager.

The ordinance prohibits smoking in restaurants and bars, outdoors within 20 feet of a doorway, any place where people are waiting for a service, including ATM’s, bus stops and public telephones, and other places.

“We didn’t ban e-cigarettes, people can still use them any place they can use conventional cigarettes, said Stachowicz.

She said that since e-cigarettes come in a variety of types, the council included all devices with a heating element and battery that simulates smoking.

Stachowicz said that while some people believe that e-cigarettes are a healthy way to quit smoking conventional cigarettes, the science is not conclusive on the health effects of the vapor. Some argue that the vapor emitted from e-cigarettes is not smoke and thus shouldn’t be problematic.

“If you’re in a restaurant setting or a public setting where conventional smoking isn’t allowed … it ends up confusing people,” Stachowicz said. “People are relatively sensitive to when there’s smoke in the air.”

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