Cheers and tears (and free beer) as family, triathletes toast last Eppie’s Great Race

After 45 years of being a Sacramento summer tradition, Eppie’s Great Race came to an end Saturday just the way George Johnson said his father would have wanted – with a “bang.” The decades-old triathlon had record-high registration numbers, as well as the most Ironman athletes ever to participate in the event, Johnson said, adding that it was the bitter-sweet end to an era.

California needs more Lonzos, not LeBrons

The arrival of LeBron James is a high-profile symptom of one of our state’s big problems: California favors older, wealthier outsiders over our younger, homegrown compatriots, and it’s struggling to hold on to people like new Lakers teammate, Lonzo Ball.

A look back at Eppie’s legacy as the Great Race comes to an end

On the eve of the 45th and final Eppie's Great Race, we are looking back at Eppie Johnson's accomplishments.