A Western architecture enclave

This nation may have more theme parks per capita than any other country. Besides Disneyland, Legoland and Universal Studios, there are smaller parks featuring a miniature Spain, a miniature Holland and celebrations of Pokemon and Thomas the Tank Engine.


Dressed in holiday style at Disneyland

ANAHEIM, Calif.–Harsh halogen lights bathed Disneyland's Main Street U.S.A. in the dark early-morning hours as the backup beeps of aerial lifts and heavy-metal cranes mixed with the thundering sound of their revving diesel engines.


7 rookie mistakes to avoid in London

London can seem like a deceptively easy trip abroad. After all, there's no language barrier or major culture shock. Our ongoing media exchange with Great Britain – all of those BBC shows and James Bond movies – means England's capital has a familiar, cozy feeling for most Americans. But don't be fooled. Newbies coming to London can make all kinds of blunders, which can cost you your time, money or sanity. Luckily, we've explored this city thoroughly, from the top of the London Eye to the bottom of the Underground, and come away with quite a few lessons in the process. Here are our top tips to avoid looking like a rookie on your next trip.


Why go to Birmingham, Ala.? Because the city with a difficult past will surprise – and even delight

I am wandering inside the Pizitz Food Hall, past grand pillars, under a soaring ceiling, trying to decide what to have for lunch. In the center of the sleek space, a colorful tower of bottles rises behind a marble bar, where at midday, small groups of people are enjoying cocktails. I settle on Nepalese dumplings, which have won out over Israeli falafel, Ethiopian injera, Vietnamese banh mi and something a tad more traditional around here: Southern biscuits.


The do’s and don’ts of traveling with your dog

Thanksgiving will be here soon, which means that it's the beginning of the holiday season. This also means more people are going to be traveling, often with their pets, and an increasing number of hotels are willing to accommodate pets.


Escaping winter in Destin, Fla.

Now that the cold weather has arrived, you might be thinking about ways to escape it. Consistently rated among the best beaches in Florida and in the USA (and even the world), you can't go wrong with a visit to Destin, Fla. Known for it's emerald green yet totally clear water and white "sugar sand" powder soft beaches, Destin will give you the break from reality that you have been craving. If you have yet to make up your mind, let the beautiful scenery, amazing seafood, and endless opportunity for outdoor activities help you arrive to that conclusion.

Watch the start of ‘Accidental Climber,’ a new documentary about a Sacramentan’s Everest attempt

“Accidental Climber” is a new documentary about on Sacramento resident Jim Geiger’s attempt to climb Mount Everest at age 68. It will debut Nov. 8, 2018 at the Napa Valley Film Festival.