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How to throw a fried chicken party

Growing up, I celebrated birthdays with Power Rangers-themed slumber parties or outings to Chuck E. Cheese's. In my early 20s, I often spent them at a slightly too-expensive restaurant and then went and drank slightly too much at a bar or club I probably wouldn't darken the door of anymore. But as I began to accept the mixed bag of realities that constitutes adulthood, I realized that when it comes to birthday parties, I could do what I please.


Supermodel shares healthier ‘Cravings’

In her first cookbook, "Cravings," supermodel Chrissy Teigen proved that she knows her way around the kitchen. With her new book, "Cravings: Hungry for More," she builds on the successful formula of the 2016 best-seller. In a style that's witty, irreverent and refreshingly down to earth, she shares favorite recipes from comfort foods to variations on Thai dishes that she learned from her mom, Pepper.

Food & Drink

Why you should give cabernet franc, cab sauv’s parent grape, a try

This is a case in which the kid outshines the parent – becomes more popular, more universally beloved, more powerful, more worldly. That is the way it's supposed to be, right? Isn't that the wish of all good parents, that their offspring go on to greater heights than they have? It doesn't always work that way, but when it does, we are never surprised.

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Who needs botox? This is how eating mangoes might cure wrinkly skin

A study in UC Davis’ dermatology and nutrition departments is testing the effect a mango-rich diet has on facial wrinkles and redness in postmenopausal women.