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New cookbooks help you savor the grill of victory

Cookbooks are some of the best things to happen to barbecue during its current boom. The big general-overview books are deeper and more informed than similar books from yesteryear. And there is increasing room for books that draw on heritage, helping to evolve the cuisine in exciting ways.

Food & Drink

Velvety, bright, flabby: Stop to consider how wine feels

Road builders and skin care professionals probably spend a fair amount of time thinking about how they can bring some smoothness to whatever it is they're working on, but the concept probably doesn't cross the mind of many winemakers. Yet a lot of beginning wine drinkers automatically go to the word "smooth" to describe wines.

Food & Drink

Kitchen Curious: The easiest ice cream ever

I spend an inordinate amount of time flipping through cookbooks and food magazines. I salivate over glossy photos of peach pie and slices of too-moist-to-be-true double-decker chocolate cake. I lick my fingers while staring at gorgeous close-ups of glazed chicken wings, imagining the tingle of sweet heat on my tongue. All that beautifully styled food draws me in, but then I'll read the recipe and say, "no way."

Food & Drink

Best Bites: Smashmallow’s Cookie Dough-flavored Marshmallows

An equal blend of caramel and vanilla extracts form the base cookie dough flavor in these marshmallows. With semi-sweet chocolate chips sprinkled on top of each square, the bitter flavor marries subtly with the sweet flavors of the mallow to make a soft but not overpoweringly sugary bite. Try these marshmallows in a cup of dark hot chocolate or in a dark chocolate s'more to cut the sweet aftertaste.

Food & Drink

Pulse Drinking: H. Mynors 2014 Old Vine Zinfandel is made for grilling and chilling

Uncork a bottle of H. Mynors 2014 Old Vine Zinfandel with some friends. It's as close as you can get to a can't-miss summer wine. At $16.99, you better pick up two bottles. You might not have any left in your glass before you get the grill lit. You don't have to rack your brain on the perfect food pairing either. Just grill and chill. I had it with grilled Sicilian sausage, dates stuffed with candied pecans, a slice of Caveman blue cheese AND Baci hazelnut chocolates from the homeland. The wine's lush blackberry and elderberry flavors are so enticing. They bring out the best of your barbecue. One sip and you might be tempted to jump up on your game day tailgate and sing your team's fight song. But egads. That wouldn't be proper.

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Burger Lounge opens in DoCo

Burger Lounge, a healthy burger chain restaurant, is officially open to the public at their new location in Downtown Commons in Sacramento on Thursday, August 9, 2018.