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Quinn on Nutrition: Irish insights

It's that time of year when this Irish-descended nutritionist paints her toenails green and makes sure she has currents and caraway seeds to make Grandma Quinn's famous (in the Quinn family, anyway) Irish soda bread. I also look for funny limericks, like this one from

Food & Drink

Chicken-fennel soup doubles down on flavor and on fighting sniffles

The chicken buttons her feathered lab coat, tucks a clipboard under wing and turns to her work: curing the common cold. Her efforts have yielded Chicken Soup, the standard of care in many a household. Served steaming hot, it reduces congestion and – by keeping the patient happily at home – cuts down on contagion. Important contributions to public health.

Food & Drink

Recipes: Let's try ... asparagus!

Did you know that asparagus can grow up to 6 inches in just one day?! And while that is obviously super cool, kids might not yet understand the appeal of actually eating it. To help win them over, try these tasty ideas.

Food & Drink

Best Bites: Campbell's Well Yes! Mediterranean-Style Wedding Soup

Natural ingredients, whole grains and a hefty dose of protein make this soup stand out from the rest of the canned crowd. What everyone else in the world calls an Italian wedding soup, this has a simple, pure, unmuddled taste that is satisfying, clean and good. So it seems almost churlish to ask what the deal is with the weird, springy turkey meatballs. They taste fine, but their texture is ever so slightly bizarre.

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California craft beer by the numbers

The number of craft breweries in California keeps growing. Here are some key statistics on the one of the state's most popular beverages.
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