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Food & Drink

The official fast food French fry power rankings

Look, it's been a long two years for everyone. We're tired, our brains have been melted to a thin pap by the news cycle, and we've soundly backslid into our slothful ways despite resolving to exercise off all the cookies we cry-ate over the holiday. During times like this, it's necessary to celebrate small victories. Celebrate the fact that you woke up this morning, and did or did not remember to bathe. Celebrate the fact that your insurance company has decided that therapy "should" cost $50 per session.

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Here’s what you can try at this all-you-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse

Felipe Henda, chef at Brisas do Sul, describes the menu at his restaurant in The Palladio in Folsom in February 2019. The ‘rodizio’ – as this style of Brazilian steakhouse is called – serves all-you-can-eat meals.