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Hot Property: Could he be more outta there?

Matthew Perry, who last year made a big splash in the Century City condo market, has quietly decamped from his sleek perch in the Bird Streets. The actor of "Friends" fame has sold his home in the Hollywood Hills West neighborhood known for its bird-named streets in an off-market deal for $12.5 million.

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Take a tour to soak in Big Island rainbows

The first time you fly into the Kona Coast on Hawaii’s Big Island, you’ll be struck by two things: the nearly relentless sunshine (moderated by volcanic smoke that locals call “vog”) and the vast, barren fields of black lava rock stretching northward, more testimony to this island’s active volcanoes.

Sacramento SPCA gets creative to find 'Life Sized Dog Pillow' a home

The Sacramento SPCA made an "As Seen On TV"-style commercial for one of their longtime pups looking for a home - Amy - calling her "The Life Sized Dog Pillow." Amy is free to adopt through March 25, 2018.
Sacramento SPCA