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How to harvest rain for your yard

During recent winter storms, many Sacramentans had the same thought: How can I save some of that rain for later? Holding onto that rain can recharge soil moisture, cut down on outside water use and create lasting savings on irrigation. Which methods you use depends on space and how much you want to spend – here are some tips.

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Home Fix: Fixing moisture issues with the crawlspace

Q: I have lived in this 75-year-old house for over 20 years. This year is the first time I have noticed condensation on the living room windows. This room has a crawl space while the rest of the house has an unfinished basement with heat and air to it. Seems the basement is much damper than usual this year as well, and I found some surface mildew on items down there.

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A Bainbridge Island home of quiet design embraces entertaining, birding and being

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, Wash. - Melanie and Shannon do dining out right. Seated at an exquisite marble-inlay table just steps from an enticing fireplace, they sip and sup to the picturesque goings-on of glistening Rich Passage. Submarines glide by en route to the naval shipyard. Bremerton ferries navigate the narrow, deceptively deep strait, to and fro. Dolphins frolic. Eagles perch. Remnants of an old Mosquito Fleet pier stagger from the water, resolutely refusing to yield to time or tide.

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Yardsmart: The care and keeping of cactuses

Early American pioneers always knew the north side of the tree produces moss. In the woods, this knowledge saved many lives. In drier climates of North America, it's the barrel cactus that is our most reliable orienteering plant for barren desert conditions. Here, each one will lean to the south to access the maximum amount of sunlight year-round. The lean is so reliable that Ferocactus cylindraceus, a common native is called "compass barrel."

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Yardsmart: This holiday season, put away the poinsettia and try these bright, tropical plants

Traditional Christmas decor isn't for everyone. There are alternatives to poinsettia and holly that may work much better with your style. Bromeliads are among the most brightly colored, exotic, tropical flowering houseplants. While many are small air plants or epiphytes, the highly decorative potted bromeliads originate in the depths of South American jungles. They are adapted to perch in the crotches of jungle trees and cover canyon walls.

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The biggest holiday decor trends, according to a Williams-Sonoma stylist

Nothing compares to the nostalgia we all feel once the holiday season hits. This really is the most wonderful time of the year - a moment for us to sit back and reflect on all we've achieved, embrace our family and friends (without the nagging of work emails), indulge in the art of feasting and prepare ourselves (both emotionally and physically) for the new year ahead. If you're feeling the festive spirit too, then it's officially time to set the mood and create a space where memories can be made.

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Tips on the new snowblowers

It's snow joke. We all go into a panic at the first sign of flurries. With intense goading by TV newscasters, everybody runs to the home improvement store for a new shovel and salt, or to the market for bread and milk. "The shelves have been emptied! All hope is lost!"


Three super easy tips for holiday decorating

Sacramento interior designer Kerrie Kelly shares three easy tips for holiday decorating with style.
Debbie Arrington darrington@sacbee.com
Three super easy tips for holiday decorating 0:44

Three super easy tips for holiday decorating

'The Claw' returns to work Monday 0:38

'The Claw' returns to work Monday

Meet the creator of Troll Knoll garden in the Sierra foothills 1:12

Meet the creator of Troll Knoll garden in the Sierra foothills

Tiny homes on display in competition testing students' skills 1:27

Tiny homes on display in competition testing students' skills