California overhauls electricity pricing; rate hikes likely for many

Regulators overhauled the state’s system for pricing electricity for millions of Californians on Friday in a move that they said will simplify the structure and bring rates closer in line with costs. Many customers who use the least amount of energy will probably see rate increases, but regulators said the system will be more fair.

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A salute to patriotism before the ‘pomp and parade’

Patriotism may seem like easy-to-define concept, but opinions on it vary widely

Commentators as diametrically opposed as Bill O’Reilly and Noam Chomsky have been equally strident in their interpretations of patriotism

Sacramentans weigh in on what makes them feel patriotic this Independence Day

The Sacramento Bee tests six fireworks from Phantom and TNT. Video by Madeline Lear.

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