Pet of the week at the SPCA: Springs

At 27 pounds, there’s a lot of Springs to love!! While she’s not much of an athlete, she is skilled in the art of lounging and purring. As soon as you get within her vicinity, she starts to purr and enjoys a good cheek scratch and a head rub. She even enjoyed some gentle brushing. If you have a soft couch and a sunbeam in your house, Springs would love to be your forever friend.


Commentary: Three radical steps to change the Catholic Church

As a Catholic, as a woman and as the daughter of a woman who suffers from past clergy sexual abuse, I share in the pain that the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report has brought to our faith community. As I have been reading through the report, released last month, I am horrified that the jury was able to point to over 300 priests committing sexual crimes, and over 1,000 victims that the Catholic Diocese of Pennsylvania failed to handle appropriately over the last 70 years.

They want their cocktail on Golden 1 Center’s list. See local bartenders compete

Eleven bartenders competed for six spots for their original drinks on the cocktail list for Sacramento Kings games at the Golden 1 Center Cocktail Competition on Monday, Sept. 17, 2018. The event was held at Revival at the Sawyer Hotel.