Meet the Duluth woman behind hit Instagram feed selling ‘elevated’ secondhand fashions

For years, the Instagram account was anonymous and a little mysterious. Noihsaf Bazaar became a hub for women to resell their high-end clothing and accessories from mostly independent, women-led labels. Things that you'd imagine a gallery owner might wear. Thousands of women followed the addictive stream, buying and selling, then tens of thousands. The feed was curated, that much was clear. But who was doing the curating?

Health & Fitness

Backslash Fit’s ‘smart’ yoga mat is made for you convenience

Yoga continues to grow in popularity as more people discover the benefits of the greater flexibility and strength it can provide. What's not quite as popular is carrying a yoga mat from class to class, as they tend to unroll at the most inopportune times. Backslash Fit has come up with a solution by creating a "smart" yoga mat. No, it's not connected to the internet. But it does automatically roll itself up after you're finished and stay its compact position until you're ready to use it again.

Home & Garden

On Gardening: 2019 the year of the salvia equates to the year of the hummingbird

The National Garden Bureau has proclaimed 2019 as The Year of the Salvia. I would be the first to proclaim a hearty AMEN! Then I started thinking that for The Garden Guy every year is the year of the salvia. Then I went into despair thinking what if I had a year without salvia? It would be like the old "Hee Haw" TV show song, "Gloom Despair and Agony on Me, Deep Dark Depression Excessive Misery."


Parents @ Play: Soft and snuggly

Soft and snuggly is what bedtime (and even just cuddle time) is all about. Here are some new cute critters that will make wonderful additions to your den, living room, and/or your child's bedroom. Of course, they're perfect for Easter and Passover, but they're also great fun for the rest of the year.

How you can rent a GIG electric car with your phone in Sacramento

GIG cars, an on-demand rental electric car service, have come to Sacramento. The Bee's Tony Bizjak gives a tour of the new service.