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West Sacramento mayor Cabaldon takes to Twitter to tout ‘re-election’

West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon will run unopposed in the November election.
West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon will run unopposed in the November election. Aseng@sacbee.com

If you had been following Christopher Cabaldon on Twitter, you would have learned two important things Friday about the West Sacramento mayor – how he managed to win yet another two-year term even though the election is in November, and where he was going to celebrate his victory.

Oh, and your invitation to join him was in there, somewhere.

Cabaldon, 50, whose mayoral position is part time, was understandably relieved, if not giddy, when he took to Twitter on Friday afternoon to announce that “since none of my 51,000 neighbors threw their hat into the ring to change city direction, I’ll be sworn in as Mayor for 11th time. Onward!”

The deadline to enter the race was 5 p.m. Friday, and when no one else registered to run for mayor, Cabaldon had essentially claimed another term. There would be no campaign, no reason to prep for debates and no need to raise money.

All of which added up to one thing: a party.

“I’m considering tonight’s Off the Grid at #TheBarn as my impromptu re-election victory party. C’mon & let’s celebrate!” Cabaldon tweeted, using the hashtag for the newly opened event space near Raley Field.

On Saturday, Cabaldon was riding around town with 50 or more others on the Cool Projects bike tour.

During a break in the tour, one of several organized by the Urban Land Institute young leaders group, Cabaldon talked about the unopposed election.

“There are a lot of fun aspects to it,” he said of being mayor, “but it’s a job and there are a lot of challenges in the city.”

Referring to the Broadway Bridge, the new I Street Bridge and more, Cabaldon said many residents believe the city is “heading in the right direction.” A big part of that direction includes the development of the waterfront for living, working and recreating.

On Friday, with the race-that-wasn’t behind him, Cabaldon went to the Off the Grid food truck bash. The recurring event featuring live music and 20 food vendors has attracted large crowds.

“Since it was a block away from my house, why not turn it into a re-election party?” Cabaldon said. “It’s incredibly heartwarming, those kinds of moments, where everybody was relaxing and chilling on the riverfront.”

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