Hough siblings bring their ‘rock concert for dance’ to Sacramento

Julianne and Derek Hough perform “Move – Beyond – Live,” coming to the Sacramento Community Center Theatre on June 13.
Julianne and Derek Hough perform “Move – Beyond – Live,” coming to the Sacramento Community Center Theatre on June 13.

Julianne Hough was in full go mode in early April, getting up early to do some interviews before returning to rehearsals for Move – Beyond – Live on Tour, the tour she’s doing with her brother Derek that was set to begin 10 days later.

“We’re basically learning two, two and a half numbers a day,” Hough said. “It’s not just physically demanding. It’s mentally demanding and exhausting too.”

Getting ready for the tour, the third for the dancing siblings, presented some new challenges for the experienced Hough.

“We’re not just dancing. We’ve got these boxes we move around. I know that sounds kind of lame, but they’re big and hard to move. We’ve got this jungle gym contraption that we do parkour work on. I’ve got this harness that the guys swing back and forth that I hang from. It’s a very athletic show.”

The rapid-fire rehearsals are nothing new. The Houghs started choreographing their shows about a month before they’re set to hit the stage. In part, Julianne Hough said, that’s because the duo has such a strong connection that they don’t need to begin earlier.

“When Derek and I dance together and when we choreograph, we don’t even talk much,” she said. “We just start moving and the piece comes together. And when we’re dancing together, we have a connection, a physical connection, that’s so natural and strong that when I dance with other people sometimes it just doesn’t feel right.”

“Move Beyond Live” will differ from the Houghs’ previous tours in ways that should add some emotional depth to the performances and the audience perception.

“On the first two, there was no through-line story,” Hough said. “It’s somewhat the same for this one. But we’re trying to incorporate our journey, how we got here and what it takes. It’s definitely not like an actual story when you’re seeing a play. But we have definite meaning in different acts in the show.”

Part of that story was revealed a few days before the interview on “Dancing With The Stars,” where the Houghs did a piece, set to a remix of an X Ambassadors song, that told through chaotic, passionate movement the tale of their parents’ divorce.

But Hough said the show isn’t just the siblings’ autobiography in motion. Rather, she said, it aims at using their experiences to inspire others.

“You can accomplish anything you want to do, if you put your heart and soul into it and have good people around you” is the message, she said. “We’re trying to encourage people to get out and do what they can do, what they want to do. That’s our mission: to inspire people to do things they’ve been putting off doing.”

The show, with a 15-minute intermission, should run about two hours, Hough said.

“It’s a long show but it goes by quickly, she said. “It’s action packed – there’s ballroom, Latin, hip-hop dancing, singing. We have people come up on stage. Derek and I go out into the audience. We get people up and moving. That’s our slogan, ‘Motion is emotion.’ The way you move affects the way you feel. And moving in the show will make you feel good. It’s kind of a rock concert for dance.”

Hough said she doesn’t have a favorite among dance styles, but tries to bring the most appropriate feel to each.

“Different styles kind of elicit a different emotion,” she said. “When a salsa song comes, I’m super playful, fun and energetic. When a song comes on that requires me to do more contemporary, it’s more emotional. Most people got to know us through Latin ballroom. People get excited when they watch us doing that. But what’s exciting is we’re doing so much more.”

Hough’s popular breakthrough came via “Dancing with the Stars,” winning seasons four and five with partners Apolo Ohno and race driver Helio Castroneves before becoming the show’s fourth permanent judge in 2014. She’ll keep judging as the tour rolls on. Brother Derek started dancing on the show in 2008.

“Mondays are the only off day on the tour,” she said. “I’ll be flying out right after the shows on Sundays to do the taping, then taking the red eye to the next city on Monday night. I love ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ I love being part of the family. For me, it’s might as well do it while I can. I’m young enough I can do it.”

That’s going to make the tour even more demanding for the ultra-fit Hough.

“I remember the first two times, I had to load up on so many calories that I would burn off,” she said. “This one’s more demanding. I might have to eat even more. I can do that, too.”

Move – Beyond – Live tour

When: 8 p.m., June 13

Where: Sacramento Community Center Theatre, 1301 L. St., Sacramento

Cost: $125-$49.50

Information: 916-808-5181 or http://www.sacramentoconventioncenter.com/Attendees/EventsCalendar?id=96894