There’s a new family on the block: Meerkat exhibit opens at Sacramento Zoo

The Sacramento Zoo has a first - an exhibit featuring a family of five females meerkats, the zoo said Monday.

The family - a mom and her four daughters - can be seen in the “small wonders” section of the zoo next to Padme the aardvark. Their home is outfitted with a large glass panel so visitors can get “up-close-and-personal,” said the zoo in a press release.

The clan comes to Sacramento from the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Fla.

Kiki, 8 years old, is the mother of the other four females, named Lizzie Sanchez, Bailey, Pringle and Snaggletooth (so named because of her, well, snaggletooth).

Meerkats are petite, gregarious carnivores in the mongoose family, native to Africa. They build complex burrows and live in groups of up to 40 individuals, emerging from their burrows during the day to warm themselves and hunt for insects, which make up most of their diet, according to the zoo.

The zoo’s new family will have plenty to eat. The focal point of the new exhibit is a large termite mound, the release said.

The Sacramento Zoo is located in William Land Park and is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day in November, but will be closed on Thanksgiving.