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New Yelp-style app allows users to rate people

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A new app called Peeple will let mobile users rate the people they know, much like the way Yelp allows people to rate restaurants, hotels, movies and more.

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This is how the app works, according to the New York Daily News:

Peeple will require users to link their Facebook profiles in order to start posting reviews about people they know. Therefore, anonymity will not be possible. Julie Cordray, co-founder of Peeple, told the New York Daily News that reviews will also only be visible to Peeple users. Google does not have access to their data, the newspaper states, so profiles will remain private to the general public and won’t come up on a simple Google search. Reviews will be based on five-star ratings and fall under three categories: personal, professional or dating. If a person leaves a positive review (three stars or higher), it goes live right away. However, if the review is negative (two stars or fewer) the review does not go live and instead goes into the inbox of the person who was reviewed. The reviewer and reviewee then have 48 hours to turn a negative into a positive. If the two parties don’t reach an agreement after the allotted time, then it goes live and the reviewee can publicly defend themselves.

Not everybody is happy about this. Model Chrissy Teigen wrote on Twitter: