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Second Saturday: Four picks find the treasures amid the monthly arts event

Robin Leddy Giustina’s Bonnard-like oil painting, “Inga and Sally.”
Robin Leddy Giustina’s Bonnard-like oil painting, “Inga and Sally.”

“Horse for My Grandparents,” a haunting ceramic and cob sculpture on a wooden base, Maryann Steinert-Foley uses the power of horses to reflect human feelings in her strong solo show, “Equine Therapy,” at b. sakata garo, 923 20th Street. (916) 447-4276.

Angela Casagrande’s “Things of My Affection,” a work in xerograph transfer, encaustic, and oil, is included in her powerful mixed media installation centered around “the afterlife of memory,” at Axis Gallery, 625 S Street (in the Verge Center for the Arts Building). (916) 905-6059.

Birds as mysterious messengers between worlds take center stage in “Treasure Hunter,” one of the expressive, tactile works in prominent Sacramento artist Kim Scott’s strong show of images drawn from her recent trip to Costa Rica. It’s up with works by Lynn Beldner, Steve Brisco, and Chris Daubert’s continuing installation at artspace1616, 1616 Del Paso Boulevard. (916) 849-1127.

Robin Leddy Giustina’s Bonnard-like oil painting, “Inga and Sally,” is included in her exhibition “In the World of the Living,” casual and intimate images based on people (and pup) watching. It’s up with Eyle Swanson’s whimsical clay sculptures and Debra Kreck Harnish’s intricate handcrafted paper sculptures at Archival Gallery, 3223 Folsom Boulevard. (916) 923-6204.