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Theoretical physics and romance meet in ‘{LOVE/logic},’ a new play at UC Davis

Rory Gaynor-Flynn and Olivia Coca star in “{LOVE/logic}.”
Rory Gaynor-Flynn and Olivia Coca star in “{LOVE/logic}.”

Theoretical physics and theater are usually relegated to their respective departments on campus. But in a new play premiering at UC Davis this week, the two intermix as romance and reason square off.

Enter “{LOVE/logic},” a romantic play following theoretical physicists Daniel and Bronwen, who, ahead of a big debate, run into each other on a train in Switzerland, setting up a battle between love and logic.

The two spar in the train’s hallway while Daniel’s twin brother becomes entangled in a parallel storyline with a lover of his own thousands of miles away in California.

“The play is a masterpiece in physical comedy and a simultaneous critique of contemporary gender and power relationships,” director and alumna Josy Miller said in a news release. “Reality is many-layered, and actors embody characters real, imagined, and occupy the spaces in between.”

The screenplay was written by Andrew Nicholls, who was previously a writer for Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show” and showcased “{LOVE/logic}” in the 2018 Ground and Field Theatre Festival under the title “Parity.”

If you go

Where: UC Davis’ Wyatt Pavillion Theatre at 1 Shields Ave, Davis

When: May 16-18 and 23-28. There are 7 p.m. shows on every performance days, with additional 2 p.m. shows on the 18th and the 25th.

Admission: General admission tickets are $18.50. Students and seniors can get in for $12.

Tickets can be purchased either in-person at the UC Davis ticket office or online. More information about the play can be found on the UC Davis arts website.