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Critic’s choice: Best of Sacramento’s Second Saturday art walk

Robert Ortbal’s works on exhibit include “Rumors of Emptiness III.”
Robert Ortbal’s works on exhibit include “Rumors of Emptiness III.” Courtesy of JayJay

Beatnik Studios

Robert Ortbal’s idiosyncratic sculpture made of unusual materials are up at two galleries this month. His show at Beatnik Studios – 723 S Str., Sacramento, 916-400-4281 – opens Friday night. A selection of his works, along with romantic images by S.R. Jones, opens Saturday at JayJay, 5520 Elvas Ave., Sacarmento. 916-453-2999.

Artspace 1616

“Shapes in Balance,” Roy Tatman’s show of repurposed steel sculpture with a classical modernist bent is up at Artspace 1616, 1616 Del Paso Blvd., Sacramento. 916-849-1127.

Verge Center for the Arts

Lucy Puls’ works incorporate diverse materials, including photographs, kitschy souvenirs and pop culture castoffs. A show of 40 objects reflecting her interest in found objects and collage is up at Verge Center for the Arts, 625 S St., Sacramento, 916-448-2985.

WAL Public Market

Paul Anderson is a remarkable artist whose compelling, labor-intensive works take months to complete. They are up at WAL Public Market, 1104 R St., Sacramento. 916- 555-1234.

Elliott Fouts Gallery

From the Dutch Masters to Wayne Thiebaud, the still life is a time-honored genre. Contemporary examples, including Lauren Pretorius’ “Asparagus Bunch,” are up at Elliott Fouts Gallery, 1831 P St., Sacramento. 916-736-1429.