Book of Dreams

Book of Dreams wishes

Book of Dreams wishes

Here’s a list of wishes published so far in the series:

Dream: Funds are sought to buy drums and accessories for student musicians affiliated with the South Sacramento Visual and Performing Arts Academy.

Needed: Six snare drums with slings, eight bass drums with slings, four tom drums with carriers, two tenor drums with carriers, five sets of cymbals and 50 sets of drumsticks/mallets.

Cost: $7,650

Dream: The Masters family needs funds for better flooring and tile to aid the care of Nick, 26, who has a rare neurodegenerative disease that affects his immune system.

Needed: Approximately 700 square feet of laminate flooring and nonslip bathroom tile, removal of old vinyl and carpeting, and floor prep.

Cost: Approximately $7,000

Dream: Funds are requested for Tommy Haack, 13, an eighth-grader at Alice Birney Public Waldorf School in Sacramento, who suffers from complex regional pain syndrome, a neurological disorder.

Needed: The Vecttor Therapy System, VT-200.

Cost: $4,950.