Book of Dreams

Book of Dreams

The buckets are no longer needed.

Drummers of the South Sacramento Visual and Performing Arts Center are beaming because they don’t have to use the plastic containers to keep the beat during performances. Every week, the boys and girls practice for 90 minutes. They are only one of four such groups practicing at different times and venues, 10 to 25 students at a time. Thanks to the generosity of Book of Dreams readers, the young musicians were outfitted with a variety of drums with carriers, sticks, mallets and cymbals.

The contributions of readers also enriched the lives of participants in the Senior Impact Program at the Society for the Blind in Sacramento, who received Sony recorders. The new devices will help visually impaired people with grocery shopping, trips to the doctor, and keeping track of when to take medicines, class assignments and other daily activities.

From Nov. 23 to Dec. 20, The Bee has shared with you 13 stories of good people in need. Your response to the annual holiday charity drive was again inspiring. To date, the Book of Dreams raised more than $140,000 and generated hundreds of donations. Readers can continue to donate using the form on Page 7A or online at

Contributions will be accepted until Jan. 13. All money raised will be used to fund the 13 dreams. Any remaining funds are used to support charitable nonprofit organizations with a 501(c)(3) designation. None of the money will be spent on administrative costs.

Anthony Sorci, Assistant City Editor