Book of Dreams

Book of Dreams 2018: Let’s help those in need

As you give thanks for what fills your life with joy, we know you are thinking of others and how to help them. Our Bee community has shown that for more than a quarter century, joining enthusiastic and generous efforts to bring happiness through Book of Dreams.

Instruments for children to discover the joys of music. Shoes for those who have resettled here. Jackets for those who would otherwise shiver through the night. These are what you helped community organizations give last year to our neighbors in need. Through your donations, sometimes large, sometimes found in small, old-fashioned envelopes stuffed with a few dollars, Book of Dreams raised $227,000 last year.

The dreams begin anew. Starting today, we will publish 10 stories over the next three weeks to shed light on how we can improve the lives of others. Today you will find a story by Patricia Macht, a caring correspondent with a strong commitment to community, about Joseph Marques, who has impaired vision and could really use a new high-tech tool to allow him to see beyond the shadows and enjoy the smiles of his family. Our photographer/videographer Autumn Payne, who also has a passion for Book of Dreams, shares her images of those who seek help and the joy they find in your gifts.

This has long been a team effort at The Sacramento Bee, with many of our departments pitching in to select people in need, coordinating efforts and making these dreams reality. But you always have matched that work with overwhelming kindness, and that is our dream come true every year.

Make your donation here.

— Your friends at The Bee

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