Posctards From Readers: Making friends over tea

The photographer: Mike Pierce of Citrus Heights

Behind the lens: We took a guided camel ride earlier this year in Morocco, on the outskirts of Marrakech, which included tea service by some local Berbers. In the Moroccan tea ceremony, boiling water is poured over fresh spearmint, dried tea leaves and sugar in a silver pot and then poured slowly into ornate and fragile glasses. As is tradition, the pouring was done from a height of 12 or so inches, high enough to create foam at the top of the glass. If there’s no foam, than the tea is bad and you should start over. The sweet fragrance is immediately detectable as the scent of fresh mint fills the air. In the Moroccan culture an invitation to drink tea is a meaningful thing. When you travel to Morocco, you can bond with new friends and meet wonderful people over a simple pot of tea.

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