Provisions: Enhance your recreation and travel experience


▪ “The Ansel Adams Wilderness,” by Peter Essick

$22.95; National Geographic Books

What’s the next best thing to looking at Ansel Adams’ photographs of nature? It might be looking at Peter Essick’s Adamsean photos of the part of the Sierra Nevada wilderness area made famous by the photographer. The book comes 30 years after the area between Yosemite and the John Muir Wilderness was renamed in honor of Adams. Sections are organized by themes – peaks and lakes, passes and meadows, etc. Your coffee table will look much better with this book adorning it.


▪ Cycliq Fly12 Front Camera Bike Light

Kickstarter campaigns for “innovative” products abound these days. But here’s one that is more clever than most: a combination front bike light and camera. So, not only will you be able to see that car coming at you at night, but you can digitally capture his license plate when he tries to mow you down. A brilliant coupling of technology.


▪ Smarter Travel’s “10 Craziest Things Stolen From Hotel Rooms”

The list is in the beyond-gutsy category.

1. A $300,000 Andy Warhol artwork, taken from the W Hong Kong.

2. A 12-foot model of the Concorde, taken from a Best Western hotel.

3. A suit of armor.

4. A grand piano. (Former Starwood GM Colin Bennett told the London Telegraph about the time three people dressed in overalls strolled into a hotel lobby and wheeled the instrument out of the hotel and down the street.)

5. Plumbing. (One guest stripped a Berlin hotel room of its Monsoon showerheads, hydromassage shower units, taps, toilet seats and sink.)

6. A stuffed boar’s head. (A guest tried to abscond from the Hotel du Vin in Birmingham, U.K., with the mounted head. After he was caught, his friends bought it for his wedding gift.)

7. A minibar fridge. (Lots of people empty it, but one guest at a five-star hotel in Dubai left the bottles and took the unit itself, along with the sofa.)

8. A marble fireplace. (A guest at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills was alleged to have lifted one.)

9. A medieval sword.

10. A hotelier’s pet dog.


iamdanmichel (@iamdanmichel): “Cab driver takes off before I get luggage from the trunk. I chase and yell. He brakes. I slam into back of open trunk. #travelfail.”

Compiled by Sam McManis,